Why change the speed limit on the race maps

as the title why change the speed limit before you can blow up from 450kms to 250kms + the new map its really bad like so many bumps hazzards middle of the track . least add back the the 450km speed limit

Because MAD contacted the devs and told them that too many drunkards were flying around going 450kms

They put it back to 250? HOLY CRAP it was about time. Are they trying to save that once glorious mode?

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you mean ruin it

you can allway race above said sped limit it just you die if you hit anything above it aka ruin it

What’s beacuse and rethards?
Inquiring minds wanna know!
WHY was this post flagged, I literally ask a question, not even an offensive question, I’ve never seen the above words before and wanted to know if it was a grammar error or a different language

dont test dirve thier build before show it into race without any testing and as said you can sitll do flying beacuse in air there are no speed limit

You mean the thing that made races fun and challenging instead of a sled fest?
Yeah I miss that. Def miss running against hovers in a 5 coins common car and getting 1st or 2nd place.

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sleds was beacuse the limted the numbers of boosters not the speed limit was allway 450kms they just added booster limit witch was dumb but dose not explain 250kms on the large track

Nah speed limit was 100% 250 kmh like the rest of the game back when we were racing all together on PvP maps. I know you remember, you were one of the regulars in your Tusk Bigfoot wiggly pancake (^:

Sled was plain and simple impossible before, because you had to use movement parts or you’d blow up. I remember driving at 400 kmh on that bridge on studded wheels (lowest usable wheel), losing most hovers there hehehe.

outside of race was 250kms yes but for race was allway 450kms since the 1st race rework

Since the moment I stopped playing that god-forsaken mode U_U

Really miss the good ol’ days when racing was actually a big event in this game. You’d see everybody pull out the drift builds, art builds, wonky builds, their fav racecar, the 60kmh colorful truck they made Monday, etc. It was the moment Bedlam became empty because every funky builder would jump straight into races. Hasn’t been the same since that first “rework”

I stopped going on Bedlam too, what was the point besides meeting racers?

sleds was not beacuse of 450kms i invented the sled build with my freied as budet build and it was beacuse the dev in thier infinite wisdom they added hard booster limit to the mode kiled all the art car and all other racers

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