Why do they even let you hide debriefing profiles?

It makes me trust players a lot less? What are your thoughts on them?

What are debriefing profiles?

My ignorance being revealed, here’s why I set pretty much everything I can in the game to private.

Remember the Muppet?

It/He/She found it necessary to do a little online stalking, found my account, then started diving into my YouTube account and any other personal data he/she/it could find. I’m a big boy. I can handle that.

However, my kids also play this game, and often play on my account. They also are present online elsewhere.

So, I limit as much as possible in an excessive abundance of caution.

Adding to this, there are obviously people who seem to exist solely to cause grief to others. Mamin is a pretty good current example. I don’t know what goes wrong in someone’s head for them to behave the way they do, but they’re out there nonetheless.

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I think it does not mater.

I keep mine open, but who cares if people keep it closed or not?

It is all pointless info anyways.


i love you too daddy <3

I am confused. Why wouldn’t they let you have privacy settings in the world of the internet.

I hide my profile now and have done so for a while, all because :salt: :ox: :poop: ers will go onto your in-game profile and look for something that their :salt: :clown_face: :baby: selves can use to harass/insult you with.
Back when I was only engineer level 40 (max 30 + 10) which will only show as 10 I had a dude who was normal level engineer level 25 not know how to read/interpret correctly and called me a noob and all that stuff, so yes that’s why I keep my profile hidden and probably so many others do for the same reason. Others may hide their profile to talk :poop: and not have people be able to see their :pinching_hand: comings!

Then there is also this

There are some people who just will go full mental case and do what Mr. Roo said like that’s not normal and that’s why I think this forum needs a blocking function as where there is one muppetta there usually is at least another!

Either that is an alt account or like I said above where there is one there is more!


but they don’t know that like we do…


Stats are pointless info when the stats are bad, of course

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The “ignore” feature is nice enough, but it would be nice if there was an actual blocking feature both in the game and on the forum. As you can see above, even though I have that clown on ignore, he/she/it can still see my posts and respond. It does intrigue me, though. I’d love to meet someone like that in person just to learn what’s wrong with them.

The closest I had was an acquaintance who - through his own stupidity - nearly died because of a very minor but untreated wound. He had - literally - no friends. No family. You know the discord moderator memes? Yeah… that dude in real life. Well, I stepped in for about four years and helped him recover. The two years he was being bounced around from hospital to hospital, aside from ONE former boss visiting for about 10 minutes, I was the only visitor he ever had… and I was there once a week minimum. I literally saved his life multiple times (not hard to do for someone who can’t move).

When he finally recovered enough to live on his own again, within a couple of weeks, he was back online doing the forum/reddit/facebook/instagram/twitter sh!tposting people are so familiar with. I guess he didn’t remember we were members of the same forums, because he made several nasty posts that very much reflected me and my beliefs. I mean… very pointed and very nasty. Face to face, he was literally telling people he loved me like a brother, how I saved his life, how even his own family didn’t care for him the way I did.

Online, I was a pariah.

After a particular post seemed to attack my kids - not by name - but by hobbies, interests, activities etc - I confronted him in person. Politely, quietly… I just asked him what the deal was.

He just sat there wordlessly sweating. Never apologized, never explained anything. He just sat there like a deer in headlights.

We haven’t spoken a word to each other since then. He never called, never messaged me… nothing. He also stopped posting in any forum or online site we’re both members of.

I truly believe these people have some sort of fascinating mental illness. I kinda’ pity them, but not enough to want to put up with them… IRL or otherwise.

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i aint reading allat

unfortunately no. i still love you though

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My girlfriend’s daughters tend to keep their profiles hidden and their mics off in many games, as unfortunately a lot of dudes get very weird with women in games.
It’s pretty sad that behaviour is so common that they feel they need to shield themselves that way.




i was playing with my wife’s boyfriend and we had to turn off the general chat it just got to toxic

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good on you for raising another man’s daughters