Why do you always have to?

First of all, sorry, I’m Hungarian, I don’t speak English!
They completely ruined your melee gameplay…The whole game is Star Wars again… Mad Max would turn in his grave if he saw this!
All my coins went into developing the melee car It is now unusable…
I’m not going to spend money on a vehicle that I don’t even want to use, because that’s the meta! This is not the first time I leave the game until it changes :confused:
I think it’s disgusting Pay to win!
I want to play with cars, crash them, and not catch flies… Russians are so exploitative. I can only hope that this will change, because crossout is a good game, but not like this

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This is not mad max…

Nor is it Star Wars xD

Snaggletooth seems fine. That’s my 7k melee. Yes, it handles differently but it is manageable. I think we can get used to it.