Why don't Bots have Car Jacks?

So, the propaganda for changing the car jack to zero energy was to encourage players to use the car jack.
While they also lowered the flip time to 10 seconds, reducing players desire for a floor jack.
But the Bots always flip being stupid and sit there the whole 10 seconds unless another Bot aids them sooner.
Why don’t the Bots have Jacks?

Because that would require remaking all the bots.

I think at least some bots are taken from player designs, so maybe eventually more bots will have jacks.

well…you have to earn this patch someway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I still have not put car jacks in my builds.

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I keep forgetting to, but I put one on my annihilator build and it’s actually been really useful.
Doing lots of ramming and close range attacks means I get flipped more than usual. They’re always surprised when I pop back upright immediately.

Same unless I make a drastic mistake I hardly ever flip myself.

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Same but for me 99% of my flips are caused by teammates who just drive off like nothing happened or they done it on purpose, you can tell usually cuz they honk at you

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I mean, I added one. For years I did not, and built to resist flipping. But now, the mass is the only drawback, no energy, low power score.

Who needs car jacks when you have bot franks?