Why has the content partners not brought this up

why am I the one always bringing up stuff the the game partners should be, new weapon we havnt got yet

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i think it’s just a CK.

Bro that’s a frozen median.


i dont remember those being flat terrant cannons

take a close look at median the round part is on the right side and on medians their on the left and right

It’s a median.

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seems abit bigger tho in main screen tho

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That’s because

  • It’s zoomed in
  • It’s mounted on a smaller cabin (bat)
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this time i was wrong but next time i wont be lol

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compare the two side by side.
yes it can be a median, it has similarities between the two, but there are some differences.
for one the ammo canister thing on the side is smaller on the frozen one and the back of it looks a little bulkier then the one below. it could just be ice but it does look a bit bigger at the back.
im thinking its a skin but maybe they were playing around with another version of the median that was ice based?

Perhaps the artist got the perspective wrong? And ice does make up a good chunk of it’s mass. Could be a cool skin. But why would the raiders (who love their fire) have a cryogenic weapon?

maybe someone from hyperborea told them to “chill out” and they took him seriously? :rofl:

i… doubt it?
maybe it was meant to be a legendary or epic version of the median? or maybe they took it and altered the gun a bit to fire cryo rounds instead?
because if it WAS the median then the artist would have a reference of the gun to use. they wouldnt just freelance it.
if it was a skin to alter the appearance of it then that would explain it, maybe the skin represents how the hyperborea faction would alter it? or maybe it was altered for colder weather or something.
or it could be a epic or legendary version of the median, maybe they got their hands on a blueprint of it and decided to alter the gun to shoot ice rounds instead?

im not to sure but the possibilities are there.