Why I don't finish weeklies

  1. Shotgun dailies.

  2. Cannon dailies.

  3. Machine Gun dailies.

  4. I want to play incinerators or X weapon instead of the ones I’ve done the same dailies for years.

  5. Everything I don’t have is in BP’s or Packs. Not dailies.

  6. Fishing Season.

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Theres an obvious reason why they like that. When you started Crossout, did you have the incinerators?, or anything that you mention.

I like the fact that at least change the dailies. Even if you started and used the CC to purchase gear, then hats off to you. I only wish that the Devs had not chopped away at points earned. I have not seen anyone mention it, but it takes a little longer to earn points.

Some of us… ie… me… Don’t have the Magic CC to buy all the great packs… and buy Premium to earn double… I am a slave who loves the game… I have had to bust my a off to get what I have now. I can say that I have earned it myself, blood sweat and pounding on the keyboard because someone stole my kill.

I’m not sure how long you have been with Crossout… but I love the game… and be HAPPY… that there are others who want to spend their own money… :grinning: keeps us low lifes around to have fun.

I hate to chat and run but My build has only tires on it they are full of nails. I hope you hang around and enjoy the world of Crossout. Keep you head up…

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From launch.

Did you think through your answer?

Can you use logic? Most can easily infer I haven’t bought all the packs I want.

You can’t finish weeklies because maybe your internet speed is slow. And that’s why your gun fire is dailies.

but… who force to do weeklies?

just do what you like in Crossout. Some people like PvE like Raids, some PvP missions, some CW and some Bedlams, while some also like do achievments and weeklies or even some who just build art builds.

While some of this give no or less rewards, you still can progress. Dont make work from the game, and anyway if you like, its anyway better then to just grind in real work…

Just chill and relax in game. Weeklies can be annoying, so just leave them. Anyway they gonna change them to Clan activities, so if you friendly, someone can do them for you :wink:

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I guess no one saw the in game survey on why people don’t finish weeklies.

The survey did not allow you to really say why you don’t finish them.

So in case a dev might see my reasons I posted them here.

I finish them all fall, winter and spring.

Summer however… I might log on, see SG daily and log right back off. I simply listed the 6 reasons I don’t get them done so dev’s have a frame of reference.

I want to do my dailies with Helios or autocannons or incinerators or yongwang etc… anything but SG, MG, Cannon.