Why I Don't Trust Crossout DB

Bruh u need to shut up about crafting not being profitable. I make more coins crafting and selling on my platform than i do just selling resources.

Like even blue crafting can earn me 15-30 more coins vs just resource selling.

I feel that, when using Badges to collect the resources, personal expense is nil, so, I don’t count it. I should have said that in the initial post. my bad. sorry.

That’s actually an important thing to note is that I use the Badges to get resources and, more often than not, can make the item for WAY less than what the DB says.

Really, what it comes down to is my own limited understanding of how the website works and, so, I don’t trust it. I think that’s the old man in me. :older_man:

Hello @103339824,

Did you count the basic resources as well ?
Click on the item (Aegis-Prime | Crossout DB - Crossout Market and Crafting Calculator) And then below the item "card ", there is “Crafting”, you can click on it and see the detail.



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This is just not true.

This is crafter math.

does scrap, wires, electronics and so on hold a value to you?

Badges are just another resource you collect in the game, so are coins. But badges and coins are the two most versatile resources in the game.

Badges can be directly converted into any resource in the game, this makes them a very powerful resource since they can be converted into the resource that makes the most coins at that time.

Coins can be directly converted into anything you can get on the market.

Coins, scrap, badges, wires, and all that are all resources… I’m not sure why some people separate them into a different group…

You spend time in game - you earn said resource - priod.

Items are also resources, but baby steps…


Let’s say ever month you get a check in the mail for the same amount (resources) and every month that check comes with 1/10 of a paper check (badges) for the same amount. The 1/10 of that check can not be spent by itself, but once you have all 10 pieces you can combine them to make an 11th check of the same amount.

Is the value of that 11th check any different then the full checks you got before? Just because you earned it a different way?

Like I said, most of the time I try to explain these kinds of things to people they get mad. Some get it, some never will.

I’m not doing it to make people mad.

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personally i tried to report CrossoutDB on Xbox but only 20% of the time it is reliable on the convenience of the pieces, probably due to the continuous market variations

Crossout DB is only for PC.

I know as well, but i did try to use in xbox market out of DB conections of course, it’s fine for know all the items you need without looking for in xbox, of course the PC market is another story

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Actually bummed me out a bit when I realized I was making more coin just flipping items than crafting. Sure there are some cases where crafting makes a little bit more, but then you have to go through the hassle of gathering all the resources. I will say the one thing crafting does seem to have an advantage is funneling resources into one market transaction. So instead of having to sell 3 blue/teal items of the same time you can funnel into one purple item.


This is something you hope people realize early, I know dudes that figured this stuff out like 2-3 “years” into the game and they are waaaaay behind.

They also tend to get really pissed when they find out.

100% - we have times where crafting something does work out in your favor (as long as you don’t do crafter math) but it’s a hassle to try and figure out if your going to make a few more coins or not… and in many cases you just waste your time because most items don’t turn a profit.

So unless something spikes out the roof I don’t even bother working out the math and just keep flipping. I have more time to play that way.

I know that I am not your average market user, but currently I get weapons faster then I can make builds for them. I understand most people it is the other way around, but I’m telling everyone on Xbox the market can make you rich!

I think he was admitting to using sloppy math here, and you’re disagreeing with him sort of sideways.

I like the badge system. It helps me avoid modes I don’t like. I like Gas as a resource too. I don’t focus on it too much, but I do like to have a tank on a few rigs in my rotation, though.

Time is money. I don’t often spend it crafting either. On PC the market is generally pretty tight, and unless you are using a coupon, crafting isn’t often very profitable, and making sales and purchases on this market can involve a bit of haggling that is tedious, time consuming, and often doesn’t produce signicant results…but if you like to play markets, it might be a nice change of pace in the game to try the market feature for a while. I have, and it was fun(ish), but was sort of a game unto itself. Used crafting to advance my F2P account forward, and it took me about two weeks, and I earned enough to get aN IceBox and a few cool paints. Initially I was buying the IceBox to flip it, and I still could and make a good profit, but I like the darn thing. I decided to just keep it as my reward for all the effort it took. It was challenging, and I haven’t felt like going through that again since.

These days I don’t give the feature much consideration, but I did just sell my Arguments recently for twice what I paid, because that looked like a good deal for me. The profit helped make up for the hits I took on some other stuff I got rid of, and still left me a good bit ahead.

It’s not an entirely un-amusing feature, but it has issues like the rest of the game, I think. I think you can turn a nice profit crafting on PC, but you need to work it pretty hard, and I wouldn’t expect the kind of results kids like you are getting on console. It’s hard to compare the two…kid. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Flipping items is a whole different thing though. Ya u make more coin flipping items than you do off resource gains, depending on market health, dilligence and luck.

Exactly my perspective, guys.

If I wanted to work, I’d be making a lot more money per hour than I can on CrossOut. :rofl:

Not only do i see the logic im a fan. And now for your second tutorial, please educate how to make millions…seriously. Let me be your sponge…errrr uh…im listening i mean lol. Seriously nice info BTW

What platform do you play on? I think this makes a big difference.

Also, even with a good system you need years.

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There are business owners and business workers for a reason. Most people cannot make an income/expense report.

PC is a shock if you come from Xbox on a new account. The margins are simply not there because of the market limits. It has certainly shocked me this month.

It’s really odd, pack items cost the same as on xbox, but everything crafted is super depressed. PC seems like way more of a cash grab than Xbox does.


Crossout DB doesnt reflect anything past what the screen shows the moment you searched for the item.

You may search the item 1 hour later and be shocked at the results.

Which means that there is a chance if you crafted-bought-sold anything within minutes of the crossout db page you loaded for the item, the values you will get may be completely different from what you see on DB.


CrossoutDB receives new data from Crossout every 5 minutes (= not real time) :slight_smile: