Why I Don't Trust Crossout DB

Crafting is my thing but, still, people try to wave Crossout DB in my face and say I don’t know what I’m talking about, so here’s some pics…

Crossout DB lists the price to craft something, but I know for a fact that you can craft something for less than it lists because I do it all the time. How do you know that I know what I’m talking about? Well, if you’ve ever been rammed by me then you’ll notice that RAM advert in the screen shot. There’s your proof! (not really just thought it was funny, lol).

Following are 2 screenshots from different times during the week. the 1st when I started. the 2nd is from today (as of posting this).

You can see that it lists to craft it for 2922 and some change.

Now we can see a slight increase in that price to craft it for 2976 and some change.

Following are pics from the market for my purchases.

2 Barriers, 2 Chameleons Mk2’s, and a meatgrinder.

2358.58 That’s the brass-tax of it all. All purchases were made over a period of a week, as can be seen in the time stamps.

Crossout DB says 2900 +/-…and I’m doin it for 2300…that’s why I don’t trust Crossout DB.


You make a good point…

I wonder how DB is calculating things, though.

You’re doing it by calculating what it costs to BUY the individual parts needed to craft the item, right?

Maybe DB is calculating it by the cost of selling/buying the constituent parts of everything… I dunno…

I don’t put much stock in it other than checking the price history to see where I need to price things when I sell them.

I’m placing bids and waiting for the order to fill instead of purchasing the item outright.

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It’s because you do crafter math. Crafter math is the thing people do to try and justify crafting.

Resources/items are not worth the amount you bought them for.

They are worth the amount you can sell them for -10%

I’ll use some made up numbers to show crafter math, these numbers do not reflect any game values or real crafting formula.

For ease of use, let’s say I need 4 items to craft something. And let’s say I could buy those items on low bid for 100 coins each and high bid of 125. Let’s also say that the thing I want to craft sells for 500 coins high and 400 coins low.

even though the above is not a real crafting formula you can see what I’m talking about.

So if I bid low the cost would be 4 x 100 = 400, then when I sell it on the market for high it is 500-10%=450 right? So you made 50 coins!! Right?… Wrong! You lost 50 coins.

And this is why, crafter math is broken.

The reality is you could sell those 4 items you bought for 125 each, 4 x 125 =500, 500-10%=450, then I take 400 of those coins and bid on low. Once I get the item, I now have the item and 50 coins.

Then if you don’t want the item you can sell that item again for 500-10%=450

Now I have 500 coins. Equals +100 coin profit.

You can rinse and repeat forever.

This is where the lightbulb should go off.

I try to explain this to many people, some get it and some never will.

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i’m not sure what I did to you to make you wanna get all up in my face about this but…this isn’t about flipping stuff. it’s just about crafting the thing, and price disparity between the reality that the website portrays and actual reality. That’s all.

Not getting in your face sir.

My above post was also about crafting.

Not flipping.

Coins are just another resource, and if you can convert one resource into another then buy (craft with the market) with coins then that is also crafting.

It just semantic, all of this is clicks in a video game. And if I can click a few different buttons and end up with a better result… then… I’m going to do that.

But I did expect your reaction. 9 out of 10 crafters I explain this to get mad. (Funny but true)

I’m just trying to help. Anything other then that, is not my intent.

Sorry, but I’m still not understanding what you’re getting at. I didn’t buy any resources with coins, rather I used Engi Badges (which is what I always do, it’s super rare that I buy things like scrap and such with coins). So, in the end, I only spent 2300 when DB told me I’d be spending 2900. I didn’t need to use some made-up math work as you went so far as to say I did. You’re basically saying I’m making things up… that’s a little rough to take.

The resources you got with badges still have a value of the highest bid amount -10%. You bought resources with badges, badges still have set coin value depending on what resource you traded them for.

The “crafting” formula would be (Badges = resources = coins = the item you want + extra coins)

I don’t think I can explain any clearer then I did (I know it’s like mud, sorry I’m not a better writer) but every person I know that has understood the concept explained above has become XO rich and ends up sending me messages years later thanking me.

Just have fun man, don’t mind me. I’m only a self made XO millionaire, what do I know about crafting or the market :slight_smile: lol :joy:


I think if the chart was done right, it would amount to the market price of the resources (scrap,copper, wires, etc), plus bench rent for crafting every individual component and procedure. Is that not how it’s summarized?

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i think if they showed the average sell price at the time ,rather than the price to buy it right now for what the lowest sell offer is , it would come closer to what you spent

edit : i checked and my theory is wrong lol

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Cost of a crafted items is easy to figure out. No website needed.

And it has nothing to do with what you spent on an item.

The formula is

(All Items High Value - 10%) + (all resource high value -10%) + (crafting fee) = cost

Wheres my favorite popcorn emoji ? :smiling_face_with_tear:

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No drama, so no need for it.

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i think thats beside the point hes trying to make

im pretty surprised its off by that much though


Those are the words I did not have till now. ty.

That’s my point of all this is that the disparity is too large to give Crossout DB any real trust.

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Wrong. He could take the single sell of his 500 item, buy the low bid for 400 like you did, and then take the 5p coin profit twice.

The difference? You had to sell those 4 items at 125 a piece.

You both end up with the same coins, but yours took you 3 more market transactions, waiting on them and hoping someone didnt lower the price.


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My example only included the word “item” for simplicity and was never meant to be taken literally.

It’s easier to just sell the resources (aka items) then use that coin to buy what you want.

Resources sell much faster.

Anyways you slice it, crafter math is not right.

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2 Barriers, 2 Chameleons Mk2’s, and a meatgrinder.

And the resources? Only because they’re obtained yourself doesn’t mean their price can be omitted as that’s things that could’ve otherwise been sold. Their expense still applies.

I’ve earned enough coin through crafting to get me 2 relics within ~7 months (could’ve been sooner but wasnt as efficient as I could’ve been for the first one) and I find crossoutdb to usually be accurate. The thing to understand is that it goes by current prices so if one buys things while they’re dipped in price then use them to craft later…then yeah, profits will be higher than it shows. It also includes resource costs because again…one cant just omit them.

As for the “crafter math” discussion…that’s assuming that margins are good enough to just resell the items at a profit instead of using them to craft and that it’s better than the crafting profit. Oftentimes that’s not the case. Using Hermits and Hurricane as examples: (at current pc prices):

Boom: Breaks even
Buzzsaw: Loss of 3
Goblin: 5 coins

So better to craft Hermit instead of buying/reselling the other items

Pyre: 22
Doppler: 22
Lancelot: Loss of 20 coins

44 profit (as naturally you wouldn’t buy the lancelot since it’d be a loss), but crafting is around 80 profit at current prices. So again, would be better to craft.


Crossout db is for pc market only right. Ive never used it. Im on playstation. I prefer to do the math myself. The market fluctuates far too much to trust something like crossout db; its going to be pretty innacurate most of the time imo.


This is the way, just don’t do crafter math.