Why is no body talking about this. I got a great laugh from it!

Gigahertz is most def a joke. To say the phrase “Joke or no joke” is common where I’m from and is just another way of saying “regardless of its intent” So, regardless of its intent, that one line of the joke (out of context) really spoke to me.

Sorry you don’t see the humor in it clear enough to be able to separate it from the small bit of golden knowledge it holds inside.

“Sorry you don’t see” faint sarcasm in my words. That was a rhetorical question.

Again, that doesn’t make the overall thing good and/or interesting. It’s your own mileage.

That one sentence of yours is quite bad for eyes, metaphorically speaking. But that’s not the point.

There’s no “golden knowledge” in it. Aside from an unexperienced adolescent, reading the platitudes does not give any adult person any meaningful knowledge. It’s like reading that 2 plus 2 equals four. And calling it “a piece of truth itself”. It’s a closed chapter for many people. Of course, if you are that aforementioned unexperienced youngling, for you it could be “a bit of golden knowledge”, or however did you put it. But something (some of your messages) tells me it’s not.

Which means you just found something relatable and substituted its meaning. “Relatable” does not equal “good”. “Don’t give up” is not a universal answer to any life problem. In fact, in some cases it could be harmful or even deleterious.

is heard through voice inflection. not ever seen, not even in text, unless it’s given a dialogue tag like: he said sarcastically…or something of the sort.

I’m 43 and, believe it or not, I’ll happily reassert what I said about golden knowledge. let’s break the quote down.

“Talent is charged as you move to your goal along life’s path.” That’s the truth. If you have talent, any kind of talent, then it only gets better as you move through life. Now: “The next encountered setback activates the talent.” There’s another saying similar to this one, “If you remember your training, you will survive.” Point being that, if you have talent (any kind of talent) it will appear when you need it most to get you out a bad situation. And that’s the truth. Take it from a 25 year plumber, a published author, and producer.

I don’t agree… many players post their opinions NOT on this forum.

We here do NOT represent “majority of the XO player base” let alone “majority of the world”. There are only very few people do play and/or have played Crossout.