Why is no body talking about this. I got a great laugh from it!

i was going to post it,but i thought. :rofl:
plus the other years one was better… :crazy_face:
this one…nope…

Because most people really don’t care.

In order for this joke with totally-fresh-and-rad-cool-hip memes

to work, the game has to present some meaningful content. The game has none and never had since the start (aside from Awakening), hence the apathy in the community.

I’m still waiting for the legendary fuel tank that was promised 4 years ago. :oil_drum: #SCAM!

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i guess i didnt really find it that funny , low effort … but i dont blame them

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To you maybe, but I have to disagree on two fronts, to me this game has meaningful content and Awakening isn’t it for me

I don’t recall that and even so how’s that a scam when on every update or post they clearly post a disclaimer about how some or none of the changes/things they say may not come into the game

Yeah it comes off as they can’t be bother putting a decent amount of effort into something if it doesn’t involve increasing profits for the CEO/Chair/share holders if any

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To the majority of the world. The numbers disagree with you.

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That’s a bold claim and kinda snarky for no reason, and to retort well I disagree with your world numbers :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a fact, kiddo. You can’t argue with reality.

I don’t know which part is more childish. You can disagreeing with the reality all you want. Just don’t bother me anymore.

I can argue with your opinion, be it what you call facts or not and if you’re gonna become disrespectful I’ll put you on time out/mute

The above is more childish, behave yourself sir everyone is watching

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You don’t know facts, this is why you argue.

You haven’t earned any ounce of my respect.

On noes, an anonymous user I never knew or cared about is gonna put me on mute on a forum of a half-dead game. Woe is me, my life is in ruins :clown_face:

In fact, that’s what I’m gonna do. My time is more valuable than you are. Ignored.

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What a reply, a very teenage-type response and behavior from you. So I am muting you I am not here to be disrespected by some nobody on the internet so enjoy your time out and all the flags I did to your comments, I hope you’ll have fun sitting in your sandbox pitching a fit and throwing sand all by yourself

To tie this to another post about the cancers of Crossout and my reply to that, case in point the above is proof of how the player base and forum users can be more cancerous then any game part

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YAMATO laser drill, oh boy!

I faced YAMATO and it’s sister ship, MUSASHI more than a few times
460 mm guns, it can pierce everything, there’s no armour that will stand up against those shells.
I know how to citadel those two.
In all those times i never saw a laser in neither of them.

About those presents.
Now i have two lumps of uranium in my garage, moving out to my old garage was a good move.

P.s.- how do i get rid of those two Chernobyl memorabilia?

It’s like I’m like the gigahertz and its messages bring me encouragement

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hi there, as this is my post I’m going to say that should you not want to engage with people in the comments, then, do not comment at all.


I felt the same way, and laughed about it too.

LoL, i have 2 now also. we’re stuck with them until we collect 10 of them, then we can sell it.

Duly noted. Now go back to the topic.

I found the joke enjoyable. Specially this part “Activation: Talent is charged as you move to your goal along life’s path. The next encountered setback activates the talent.” That really speaks to me, joke or no joke, I can’t tell you how many setbacks I’ve overcome to great affect and effect.

I honestly don’t know what bug you have up your butt that seems to cause a sort of blindness, so much so, that you can’t see the people who do enjoy these things…even when we’re right in front of you…

So is it a joke or not?

That isn’t related to the problem you mentioned in the headline.

Your personal enjoyment criteria is your own business. Most people straight up don’t care. I might have went overboard with “no one”, so I’m changing that to “most”.

But overall it’s a one dated and stretched thin meme about Gigachad. Poorly translated, so to speak. So… that is the answer to your question.