Why is this forum in english?

When all the players ingame speak Russian?

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because its an english forum
heres the russian one https://forum.crossout.ru

its pretty much the same stuff being said over there , money hungry devs , nerf hovers etc etc


I run into more english speaking players than russian speaking players, even if they speak russian just reply with english, 8 times out of ten they’ll switch over to poor but understandable english because they really really really need to tell you how much insert profanity because you shot their epic meta car to smithereens or stripped their guns, or got a nice generator pop and now they’re butthurt


Ah that explains why they are not posting here, does every country get their own special forum or is it only the Russians that are priviledged?

https://www.crossoutgermany.de germanys looks interesting but not active

It’s kinda Russian game, so… I guess English speaking users are the ones privileged.

This probably depends more on location and what server you play on. North American servers probably don’t speak much Russian. Just sayin.