🤫 why is this happenening?

71 days? who thought this was a good idea should be Fired… :thinking:


Greetings… In some ways I feel ya. For $10 bucks… You have something to look forward every week.

I’m sure there are some that want all the weeklies all at once, so they can earn everything as soon as possible.

If they do that, they will probably introduce something new, so that people will dish out another 10. I like the fact that I don’t feel rushed that I have to accomplish everything, and gives me a few days of earning other things.

I would hate to see it so full of stuff to do… AND the only problem with the picture is… That at some point before it ends, you will get the " THERE are NO MORE to dooooo and sometimes we have had a couple of weeks… depends how long you have been here. I want stuff TO DO right till the Day it ends to earn…

Other than that… Keep your head up and keep shooting in the wasteland…


Sessions are waaaaay to long.

We have another 2 months of this crap.

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I like the 4 month seasons. allows for longer breaks away from the circus and plenty of time to catch up.

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