Why no AC in daylies?

I heard AC have been in dayly mission rotation but are removed now - does anyone remember why?
Why only canon/MG/SG?

I don’t remember ACs being a daily weapon challenge, but I do think they should be. I also think melee should be one.


I believe more weapons should be added to these challenges. Not all weapons, but nobody would die if ACs were added to MG days, and rocket launchers added to cannon challenges.


I don’t remember them being there but generally the dailies are kept as the Big 3 so anyone can do them.

Some of the rockets already have been added to cannon day. If I remember correctly offhand Yokai and Heather I think are on the cannon list.

Honestly I think they should just add some small bonus weeklies and monthly challenges in for the extra weapons that don’t get dailies. It would give them some extra use incentive but doesn’t really interfere with anything else. Rewards can be smaller as they can overlap other challenges.


BS, not “everybody” has canons as main builds, I have to use avenger for canon challenges and the only way to do shotguns is in patrols, as SGs are haram. Yes, there are only 3 common weapons - but how many newcomers are there actually? I doubt XO is having steady inflow of new players at this point. Even pushing crossbow or flamer dailys would barely scratch accesibility I am afraid :frowning:

It’s just what people told me when I started before the current version of dailies we have now were used. It placed ease of access and availability over a lot of stuff. I spot new players often but normally they are chilling out in the awakening area. Hard to help someone that’s going to self-limit their playstyle. Though I would suggest moving up to judges for your cannons. They are cheaply upgradable (projectile speed +25% makes them far more accurate) and far more effective then avengers.

As far as new comers accessibility goes it depends on how easily they adapt to doing raids and other dailies. The crates don’t earn themselves and players don’t all operate at the same speed while learning. I don’t think they would have to worry about accessibility issues though if they just add those other types of weapons into bonus challenges though.

For example it would effect anything in weeklies doing something like:
win 3 get the scrap with AC for 10 badges.
win 3 get the scrap with rockets for 10 badges.
win 3 get the wires with crossbow for 15 badges.
win 3 get the wires with fire for 15 badges.

They don’t have to add every weapon to every challenge each week but they can rotate them as additional bonus challenges. I think it would be an effective way of boosting both popularity and variety in matches.

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Such is the way of dust-and-blood honor.
But yes, I definetely should stop using the canons for building or selling for profit and just fuse 1-2 to keep, you are right.

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They put in drones for one of the weekly seasonal challenges and since then, there have literally been 2 times as many drone players on Playstation in the average match. I mean a literal 2x. The challenge is over, but the inspiration to be a complete lethargic PoS remains for waaaay too many people.

Not even back in the old tree’d daily system. That is all the way back to launch.
You must learn the basics by using basic weapon classes. It is unlikely new players have large ranges of weapons hence daily quests not requiring advanced weapons past white.

Definitely go for judges, i have a judge hanging in my garage (it came out in the crates a while ago).
On the orb it clocks 115 damage, single shot.
I don’t know if it’s bad or good, but there you go.

But why fuse a weapon if you don’t use often?
IMO, keep a single avenger, put other weapons with it, that will count for the dailies.
Go through it as fast as you can and done.
I wouldn’t waste my time/resources with a thing that i don’t use.

I think having builds dedicated for the daily weapon challenges is a good thing. I like that it encourages me to get out of my current comfort zone, and I find it useful.
If it’s a weapon type you’re not that into, they all have useable rare versions that are affordable. I’ve fused some rares, but that was just because I had accumulated multiples from various crates, and couldn’t sell them. The fusing helps, but at that PS it’s not that important.
Personally, I find Little Boys more fun to play than Judges, but you’re not going to hit many long range shots with them.
I think there should be more daily challenges to cover the full range of basic weapon types. Nothing that there isn’t a rare version of.

Being encouraged to play cannons early on helped prepare me for all the other weapons with projectile drop. Shotgun dailies forced me to learn how to drive better and how to pin people more effectively, and made it smoother to move up to things like flamethrowers. Machine gun dailies are a good grounding for all DPS weapons.

I also like that it sometimes forces me to play lower PS when I’ve been on a high PS kick for a while. Good to shake up the routine, keeps the game fresh.

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It’s generally safe to fuse anything you’re going to using for a longtime. Doesn’t really matter if you use it once a week. I’ve been using my fused ones for over 2 years each week plus whatever BP challenges. It was cheap round about the cost of a special for each one and fusing it for the projectile speed takes out most of the drop which a fair number of players just don’t like about cannons.

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Yeah, but still…
Why not just slap some whatever required weapon and go for PVE?

Fusing requires a lot of resources, especially if you have to do more than once to get the right one.
But could be just me, i will not fuse much more things after i spent 30 k coins, trying to fuse the Photon cab for tonnage, at the end i just gave up and i’m stuck with a fused cab with the wrong fusion (delay at auto destruct, which i’m 100% against that state of mind).
Fight to the bitter end.
Anyway, if it’s not the mostly used weapon i just don’t see the need for it.

You can but why suffer through it if you can make something slightly more comfortable for yourself.

We’re talking about fusing a judge or two, A rare item that’s nowhere near the initial cost of a photon cab. Grinding a judge out is not much work and the actual fusions don’t have to be done all at once. As far as usage goes: 5 times for dailies every 3 days, and any potential BP type of challenges. If your not a huge cannon fan that’s kind of enough usage.

Nothing stopping someone from doing that but if it can be a little more enjoyable why not try for it. I went all the way up to Tsunami’s and Fatman looking for a cannon that was marginally enjoyable and found I just didn’t like them. I settled on Judges as I could pull a little more out of it cheaply with stacking explosion radius on a harpy cab. I still occasionally get bored with it and try something else but I generally come back to it because its reliable and locked in.

Why not 88’s then? armour piercing shells.
It was the first obstacle worth noticing in my anti cannon builds.
I know it’s an epic not rare but they were pretty good.
I don’t see them anymore, i should but i don’t, something better came along?


Prosecutors out-perform them in every aspect (except durability, but prosecutors are smaller anyway, so they can just be armored/hidden and are over-ally shot less even when fully exposed)

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Cost, PS, size, weight, and the 88’s reload slower.

People stopped using them around the last large batch of cannon nerfs.

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Didn’t 88 get a significant boost last update?

Yeah that was trying to regain, their former glory (popularity) back. The 76mm’s also got a buff in the last update. What they gave back to the 88’s was some projectile dmg which generally is less the the explosion dmg. It’s the initial strike dmg for a hit. Much of that type of damage can be deflected with low durability armor spaced outside a build. The 76mm was given some of each dmg type back and which included the explosive damage which works with the those two cannons armor piercing abilities and detonates a few pins past the initial dmg area.

It’s hard to say if people will return to using them from the last changes. As a lot of players that were using them were also using ML’s and Tracks which had been having their own issues. Similarly arguments over energy issues post engine perk changes for heavy cabs with the introduction of reload modules and the existing scopes issues the later being fixed with the energy costs ending up at zero. The heavier cannons also have weight issues with the co-driver changes so some of the configurations that were popularly played just aren’t as playable anymore.

I’d probably try the 76mms again eventually as the armor piercing is useful but they are slower re-loaders than what I already have fused. Re-load time is one of the bigger issues for me as it ultimately dictates how much potential damage you can do regardless of other features the cannon might have. It’s just not high priority on things to do in game for me right now.

I was about to open the same issue.
For example they can put AC in Machine gun. And his rocket into the cannon mission. Put the mele gun into the shotgun. Thus equality happens.