Why not craft fuel for raids? ❤️

just a thought,alot of players can’t get fuel and is probably why they can’t do raids.
we craft repair kits for raids.

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You get a fuel refill every 24 hours, and it’s not that hard to get fuel if you have the right build. You can get 15 every battle if you know how (put a fuel barrel in your frame), and how would you even craft that?

Ah, this could be an idea for a mode on the Adventure map! Remember the episode where you have to knock out some of the functioning oil rigs to secure release of Drake?

Why not have a weekly challenge where you have to go raid the oil rigs, and based on the number of kills you score or some other action, you receive fuel as a reward?

Right now the levi invasion is the main source of my income (from the copper sales) and the extra-fuel-challenge would be particularly useful to newer players who would have a chance to earn some coins quicker.

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