Why not keep the Battle Passes in the Shop after the Season ends?

Any good reason there has to be a deadline to pay for BPs? I missed another one 5 days ago.


There’s a few reasons in how they are currently done but if they reorganized them it could be done. The counting style for points is the major issue as they conjoin normal play in both dailies and weeklies. So how would you attribute days and points missed if the player was otherwise active during that time period.

Would take code changes.

Side note - I am in favor of having it be DLC style though.

Interesting. I’ve often waited deep into a BP season to pay - making sure I’d complete all the levels before dropping cash on it. I bought one for my kid once & he only got about halfway through it. Never again. :rofl:

Like, if I was able to buy it now, then I would get stuck with a bunch of Summators that could have been used for crafting, but I would get all the other rewards. That main BP would sell me lighters that were expired and useless so the person paying late would lose out, but the company would still get the $10.00.

I get your point, but the whole thing with a battle pass season is to capitalize off of fomo, the fear of missing out. If it was always available, even at Limited value, they probably would not sell nearly as many.

It’s a huge part of the well-established psychology of free to play games.


Thank you!

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