Why penetration is not present on the same weapon of the same category?

miller, equilizer, arbiter , notiug ecc is machinegun but for example, miller have penetration but equilizer, notiugh and other not have penetration (i have checked only this in machinegun becouse i have them in sotrage.
if miller have pentration, all weapon of machinegun category must have the penetration and the same value, in this way all weapon continue to be balnced.

tha same for cannon, gbive the same value and give penatration to all cannon

and for autocannon si the same of maghinegun, tempest have penetration but other autocannon not have penetration.

why everytime that errive one mod of game , the developer must do something for ruin some weapon or some other part ?

You are off base. Miller and reaper are projectile, not hitscan like most MGs, thus they are different.


The hitscan already do penetrate in a sense. If they do 10 damage and only do 8 to a part and destroy it, the continue and do the remaining 2 damage to a part within the 3 meter limit.

miller are machingun like equlizer, arbiter, nitug ecc noy miller is more strong then all other machinegun. before speck try to use it and check your theory on battle field plz :slight_smile:

now tempest is more strong then steelwind and all to are autocannon but steelwind is leggendary and tempest no

i know how this stupid idea work and i have try this weapon and they have created a realy big un blanced weapon.
when you go to CW in a good level with a serios player you can see the difference.

before speck check your theory plz.

:rofl: Sorry man I can’t
Anyway, what Claysdad said.

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