Why punishers and typhoons are weaker compared to other relics

Typhoons and punishers. These are weak and don’t hit hard enough to be taken seriously.

What are your plans with these relics??? Because they are relics, which in principle should have more or at least the same strengths and bonuses. Currently, it has almost no chance against other relics.

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Haha Punishers

I’ve never used Punishers but the devs have certainly devalued them just by adding zero spread burst damage hitscan weapons that deal full damage right out the gate while punishers have to build up to it, even then you still have to tapfire with their perk active.
Phoons have always been shit since their stun perk removal, its just been a bunch of highly skilled phoon hov players coping when they’d have been much stronger playing another relic. Your best use as a Phoon is to split triggers and make sure you are hitting the most dangerous guy using reload weapons with a shot every 3 seconds, which forces a very clumsy slow reloading cannon to play like its an MG when its anything except that. Dont ever shoot the Nothung player with Phoons cuz ur buffing him. Even by doing that you are doing pitiful damage and will not win that 1v1, you will just cripple the damage they do to your team,

didn’t they just nerf punishers? Every dog has it’s day.

I have developed a fear of the Phoon bots lately. They seem to aim the Phoons right at your guns and accomplish an unpleasant number of deguns. Human players don’t seem to do this. Your average Phoon volley does about 500-800 damage. Your average Helicon volley does about 850-3500 damage. Phoons are easy to land, but they feel like pea shooters compared to Scorpions, Mastodons and Helicons.

I started playing at the end of the Typhoon OP stage in December of 2019. A lot of players who played only Phoons quit in Spring of 2020 when they finally nerfed that awful stun perk and nerfed reload weapons in general by changing Colosssus perk from +20 percent reload.