Why rotor pvp seasonals?

Car game.

I must agree that locking a whole part of the game behind seasonal items is a problem. I hope that at some point engineer will allow to craft more than just the blue rotor (and I say that as someone that have the fused rotors from the pass). At some point if the game wants to attract new players it needs to be more friendly to them, allowing them to unlock more than 20% of the game content by themeselves (without having to buy everything from the market).

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wait so it is locked behind the season pass? omg devs what the hell…

People used to say that crafting anything is less efficient than just selling the resources and buying the item on the market.
Personally, I kind of like crafting, so I craft a lot. But at the same time, there have always been lots of pack-only items, so we’ve all had to forego crafting to obtain many items.

I don’t see that as a big deal. Most uncraftable items aren’t any more expensive on the market than craftable items, so there is nothing stopping any F2P player from crafting an item of similar value, selling that item, and then buying the uncraftable item.

Really doesn’t seem like a big deal, even if there are a handful of uncraftable items that sell for a lot more than average. Just means you need to grind a bit longer.

The basic rotor is easily crafted at a minimal cost. build one do Patrol and its over & done with .

It’s more of a big deal that it may appear at first. Yes many pack/event exclusive items are affordable, but that’s mostly due to the bloat of the game : there are a lot of item, many are just not very good. If you look at pack exclusives that are played (cabins like the catalina, deadman or even favorite or torero or weapons like kapkan , king or elephant) you can clearly see that their cost is very very high for their rarity. No reason to think that will not happen to a movement part that is a big part of a mode. The only way those will stay affordable is if better rotors are on the market… but that would just move the problem if those are also event/pack exclusive.

well theres a better version of the elephant and the kings but they are still high in price due to being pack items. cant say the same for the kapkan though. i mean… you have the skinner but it doesnt really do the same job as the kapkan.

First of all, air battles are not popular, so I don’t see these new propellers becoming valuable like kapkans, blight, king, etc.
But you are right that it could happen. Some unpopular pack items become valuable because of scarcity, but even some craftable items become valuable because no one is crafting them. But while the price might be high, good luck finding a buyer at that price.

This also the way it has always worked, and we’ve managed. I own a lot of pack only items, and I have never bought a pack. I just grinded them out, like any item. Yes, my blight and my Kapkan were expensive, but for me the price was worth it. Although I know blight will probably be losing a lot of value soon, and that’s ok. It was too strong, so I accept the nerf.