Why the blight cab is not nerf?

Too many players use firebug in CB.If you put a interceptor on your firebug build nothing can stop you.The strategy with a firebug team is way too simple.first step full throttle ,second step hold the fire button. The result quick match and easy ore.

I am a question of How come Blight didn’t get balanced in the latest update, when the Devs agreed that it was too powerful.

Why is it that, by time I finally am able to get something considered exceptional, people always demand the thing get nerfed :*(

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any fast hover can counter a team of dogs way too easily at the moment, dogs aren’t really the big issue in the game right now if anything they are a little underpowered

specifically blight firebug dogs however? i don’t really know to be honest the 40% blight damage is really good and you can get some of the highest initial damage in the game with it for sure but the build as a whole is kind of weak, it has very limited range, and durability
i like to play spider builds, and yeah they can mess up a spider really good but if you have good team mates to back you up, normally the dog ends up getting the worse of it, the most firebug dogs we saw was 3, my team handles 2 of them, one picked my as the spider to kill, i kept that dog busy for so long it was not funny they took ages trying to kill me, their team ended up trading 2 for 1 and the one dog that managed to kill me was pretty hurt up, we are by far not the best team around but, we don’t really see firebug dogs as a threat at all.

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Becfause they knew they’d fuck up wheels and give +15 kmh to hovers? Because Dogs are dead already so why do you even care about Blight’s state?


I am just want to say that there was ot not changed after all? Odd Maybe for the sake of Knights event

There’s a new years/holiday event normally too. Who knows???

Ok. Then after the holiday event.


Firebug dogs are in the worst state they have been in for years. Flash is nerfed so that it drains less engine power than it used to, and the Kami Cab, a favorite amongst the hover crowd, can pull away from it with the Kami perk. Wheels lose speed more than they used to. Also, the fastest wheels, Hermits, have less traction than they used to have. Icarus VII hovers sit higher in the air than they used to, so the catch to push hovers sits higher, leaving guns
more exposed and making hovers more difficult to pin down.

It doesn’t seem as if Blight Flash Firebug is the most meta build right now. If it isn’t faring great in Crossout 2.0, why nerf it directly?

If today any firedog pose a treat to you rethink your build, urgently