Question for those whom it may concern. Can you please literate on why this Youtuber was banned from playing Crossout please? From they’re response it seems to be a bit sketchy as of why. Perhaps it is his use of freedom of speech and rubbed someone the wrong way or ? I don’t know for a fact . Just wondering if this is what happens for anyone whom questions or critique’s ? Peace be with you,
“Be quick to listen slow to anger & slow to speak” James 1:19


LOL yeah I forgot about that video… Probably why indeed. Thanks for the clarification :slightly_smiling_face:


Funny video! But yeah (I know you’re not supposed to start a sentence with the word “but”, but, eh…) I can see where the devs would frown upon the “quit out” suggestion. Especially in PVP, just one person bailing out is almost a guaranteed loss…and I’ve been in a series of matches where the same person bailed out repeatedly.

I’ll admit early in my XO career, there was one well-known clown (who many of you would know) who’d critique my playstyle (or lack of one) every time we were on the same team. After multiple sessions of that crap, whenever we were paired on the same time, I bailed out (but quick enough that the matchmaker could find a substitute).

True, desertion in WOT will get you a penalty automatically. It is a funny video though LMBO!

I’ll forward it along.

I do not understand why people do not understand repercussions may not be instant.

It would still be nice if they say exactly what the problem was as I’m not even sure if it from the quitting. (side note I have nothing to do with this either)…

I’ve had entire teams quit on me in CC leaving me to face the enemy alone too, only to see the same people playing a match or two later…

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Heard back it is being looked into.


Why quoting something in the bible ( i assume)

Here’s some popular wisdom

" Word is silver, silence is gold" :wink:

First there is nothing wrong with that verse no matter where it came from Truly words of wisdom. 70596954_3452601198085203_6791578188267913216_n