Will be good new missions for helicopters and submarines builds

Will be good new missions for helicopters and submarines builds. Its could be new way for develope fun for players and
diversity creation (pure water with corals fields for good feeling from awesome underwater world), recommend style of old game submarine titans

. For helicopters will be awesome some mountains and canyon environment.


i like the idea but, I think Crossout Sub’s would implode the second they go underwater.

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i have to agree with obsidian here. i do like the concept of what your suggesting but this just would not be possible at all. in real life bullets not not go more then a few feet underwater and the only real thing that would fly that far are torpedo’s and rockets. i know its a videogame and anything is possible, and i would like to have a mode like this where your vehicle is underwater for raids and whatnot, but its like obsidian said, crossout vehicles arent made for underwater adventures, dont forget alot of their vehicles are made from scrap parts and things found across the wasteland. they MIGHT be able to make a underwater submersible that can go down a few feet at most, or even a drone that could go down a few feet, but a full on vehicle would be impossible.