Winning isn't always the goal

Funny, I have all the banner unlocks from aimable weapons (including relics), most of the drones, rockets, mg’s, ac’s, cannons … the entire list all the way to my Duck from Scorps.

Been working Jokobu, Heather and Vultures.

Hover players please deposit your salt here.

Only need 2400 more assists across the three to unlock some of my last banners.


I didn’t even notice that kind of stuff until my kids started playing. The youngest son absolutely loves tinkering with the banners, portraits etc… And they REALLY want me to wear ALL the badges/medals.

I doubt I’ll ever get those relic based ones, though.

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I have either the relics or the banners for them (I rotate selling/buying the same 5 relics I have from when I CW)
I am at 45/58 on mission trials. Have the weapons to finish off most of them now.

The unlocks and building new builds are the main reasons I play. I don’t play CW and don’t use a headset (so I don’t scream like an idiot over a video game). I mean imo, the game is just about accumulating unlocks/gear if you don’t CW.

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