Winter Garage is Gone...why?

i like seeing Snow…
cold morning in Africa is not snow…
Dev team says “just write ‘cold morning’ they won’t know the difference”
ya,there’s no snow! :crazy_face:

Perhaps they are making changes to it for winter… Who knows?

I wish we had last years Halloween Garage.

This one is Ok, but the spider one I want all year round.


Wait for the Gonch event, that’s when they change the garage setting to winter

It honestly wouldn’t be a bad idea if they left the old ones up. Kind of helps a little with doing a themed garage.

Least they kept the fact that lightning hits your current idol build in your garage and

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I was thinking that it might be nice to be able to go up to your build and press a button and it would fight you whenever you wanted.

They already have the code for it basically.

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