Winter Poll Results

Winter poll results (approximately 5K participated in this poll)

Survivors! We’ve recently asked you to participate in a poll, and now we’re ready to share the results with you. Let’s take a look at what the average Valley resident is like.

Most survivors were between the ages of 18 and 25, and between 26 and 35. They were equally divided, 28% in each group. There was also a fairly even split between young guys under 18 and experienced engineers aged 36 to 45. Both had 18% of respondents.

The vast majority of the Valley’s residents are men. Women are only 2%.

63% of respondents said they came to the Valley from Russia and CIS countries, 19% from Europe, and 10% from North America.

Besides fighting on the battlefields, 49% of engineers are working somewhere else (probably in the workshops of all factions), and 27% are learning something new. The most amazing thing is that another 13% are successful in both their studies and work. Respect!

45% of survivors learned about life in the Wasteland through YouTube, another 25% - from other advertising sources. But 23% heard the recommendation from their friends, which is quite a lot. So the radios are still working! But the radio has gone silent, we haven’t heard the “Voice of the Wasteland” for a long time, sad.

There are a lot of old-timers in the Valley: 15% of those who responded have lived here for more than a year, and 75% have lived here for more than three years!

The preferences in armored vehicle assembly turned out to be more interesting: medium cabins and weapons to match them are chosen by 31%, maneuverable vehicles with light weapons - 20%, and heavy and powerful vehicles - 12%. At the same time, there were those who proudly said that they prefer armored vehicles for close combat (popularly called “W”). There were 10% of such people. And almost all the rest - 24% - can play on all types of armored vehicles. As they said about themselves.

49% of survivors spend several days a week on the battlefields , 32% go there just for a couple of hours during the week. And the remaining 19% fight every day! Their endurance is enviable.

Expectedly, a large number of players fight against each other: 55% in PvP mode, 21% in clan battles. Another surprising thing: 4% of survivors decided that socialization is more important to them. They don’t participate in battles and prefer to communicate in chat.

But there are other entertainment options besides battles in Wasteland: 49% of respondents said they spend every single day in video games, 27% spend almost every day (5-6 days a week) and find time to relax from everything.

There are enough action fans among the survivors, as much as 55%. We also distinguished two large groups: players of various fantasy RPG as much as 52%, and 46% of respondents like the strategy genre. It is understandable, strategic and tactical thinking during battles is very important, not only to drive around in circles.

These are the results. We thank everyone who took part in the survey. Congratulations once again on the year 2054!

P.S. And some messages from our players:

  • “hope the devs read this, y’all deserve a good holiday! merry Christmas and happy new year <3”
  • “Hello from France ! I love your game. There are so many choices now to create new cars, thanks for all. Have a good day !”
  • “I love the creativity of crossout, it’s easy to play but difficult to master”
  • “I like crossout, thank you to let us play your game, keep it up”
  • “Hello?”
  • “Thanks for making this awesome game :ok_hand:

I don’t remember this poll: was it only on PC?

You know…I’m not sure. I think it was on some form of social media. Maybe they advertised it in game? I don’t remember. I do remember hearing about it somewhere though.

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Is it PC only poll? Never saw this on the Box and I play every day. If it is, it’s a garbage poll or they don’t care about console player base. (which they probably don’t, because they pay a percentage to them of each sale).

I remember doing an in-game poll but that was for the test server results, I assume this was a Discord/Reddit poll thing cause it wasn’t a in-game poll like this, and I’m on pc

5000 people participated in it too, Faley clarified in a comment

Its more like you just do not look at Crososut Discord announcments, no matter if PC or not.
So stop making assumptions.

Anyway as always they just select what they like and what sounds good for Crossout.
Skipping all criticize part.

Follow your own advice.

its not assumption, i know a lot of people who wrote criticizm there, and they where skipped, many people also told this on DC.

So please… Again… Stop making assumptions…

Learn yourself to use Facts.

I know a lot of people too.

Doesn’t change that you also made an assumption.

The poll was announced in Crossout’s launcher on PC, so it would make sense you didn’t see it


I clicked on the link to take part in the poll, but when I saw myself being redirected to google, I said screw it. I trust google not to snoop as much as I trust a turd not to stink.

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Not 5000, but almost 5000.

I’m on PC and i didn’t heard nothing regarding this poll

It was on their news page.

Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 19.35.39

Just saying what I saw

That’s what I read too, and I thought it was relevant, so I added that factoid to the top of the page when I posted the announcement.

Considering this game’s tiny population, I’d say that was a fairly large sample, and probably makes for a very accurate poll.

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I always take these announced results with a hefty grain of salt, I don’t have much trust in any of this stuff

It’s a good sample size, but the way it was promoted could skew the results. Was it mostly promoted on discord? If so, that would shape the demographic that responded.

From the looks of it, it wasn’t promoted much at all. I think that one guy was right, when he said it was solicited through the launcher on PC. I vaguely recall that…but I have a vivid imagination too.

And that’s the thing with online polls: they’re never a truly random sampling. I wish they had done it like their in-game questionnaires, as that would have been a lot more representative.