Winter themed garage

can we please have a winter themed garage?
honestly i love the snow theme in crossout and i really wish we could have a winter themed garage and more winter themed modes to even outside of the season.
that or can we just keep the snow on our garages as a permanent feature?
i also really love how the raids look on a snow theme and at night time on a snow theme is just lovely. i came across the raid as a snow theme at night time and it looked beautiful to me.
people have been asking for more snow themed things in the game, like levels and raids and whatnot so i really hope they keep a snow theme in here. anyone else like the look of the winter theme in crossout?
anyone else want it as a permanent feature?

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I have always loved the snow too. They should have it in game just like they do with rain.

But, sadly, they remove it every year.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up.


I’d like it in adventure mode, too.


I put in a suggestion last year asking for them to turn the garage building blocks into ice blocks but they either didn’t see it or just didn’t want to do it.


Love me the snow maps! I would also like more maps with natural hazards in them!
Northern frozen-over-ice lake/river map, that has weak points in it
A ruined forest map that could trigger a landslide
The rail bridge map that was teased but never introduced, having random trains fly buy
A minefield
Bring back the refinery map/map that was a tube map, but be able to shoot the tubes, etc
It’ll be cool if they modernized the old engineer garage they gave us access back to also!
Speaking of which I wish they allow us to fly over the buildings on it
The two turrets map (original chase map) be a nice re-add to the game with modernization


Maybe in snow versions of the maps the water/ acid would be frozen? Then it would have completely different game play.

The water spouts on that one map could be frozen.