Work Pieces I would like to see in a BP

Top 5:

Isn’t everything is that list craftable except maybe Stillwind?

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i know you can craft this any time


alternative cheaper routes to these items would be nice , im working towards the apollo , aegis and a set of fortunes
At the same time i really wanted a set of millers and omamori so this bp is perfect for me

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Correct. But can you make them all the time with the cost reduced by two purples?

No, but in many cases it is still cheeper to sell all your resources and bid on the item instead. Even with a work piece.

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Apollo is only cheap right now because of the new generator. It is normally 8k+ are 4.6k (sold price)
Stillwater is 11k (sold price)
Aegis 7k (sold price)
Pulsar 7.2k (sold price)
Fortunes 8.2k (sold price).

Looks like most of these would benefit new players (and old players also) from workpieces.
There is added value in promoting lesser used items through workpieces.

I absolutely agree with this. Before crafting anything always check the sum of individual materials/buying parts. Don’t be a PatentPendin and make one of this and one of that randomly and not use the market for the first 3 months.