Working with Turrets

I’ve managed to cobble together a car at 4316 PS and have gotten into battles where there are turrets. Can somebody point me to some info on how to deal with these? I’m told to press R to do something with them but I haven’t a clue what to do! Is there a decent WIKI on parts of this (addictive!) game?

Are you talking about turrets in raids, or human players using turrets in PVP?
Either way, just shoot them. In PVP you can usually just ram them too, but some of the AI turrets in raids can’t be rammed and need to be shot.

In some of the raids, you first have to destroy the turrets.

After that, you can install turrets that will fight on your side. You also get points for doing this.

Before you can install them, though, you must earn points by doing damage to the enemy.

After installing, you can upgrade them, but each upgrade costs progressively more points.

It’s worth doing, though. Not only do they do damage for you, but they are also another target for the enemy thereby buying you time.


Ok! Sounds a little tricky, but I’ll see what I can do.

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Once you get it, it becomes 2nd nature.
See you out there!