Workpieces and Intel

I got way too many workpieces I’m never gonna craft. I would love a way to profit off of them in some way, so, here’s my idea. I propose a “Black Market” where players can arms-deal and sell their workpieces for a profit. All it costs to place it up for sale is a bit of Intel, as well as VIG paid at the time of sale (instead of tax). The price of doing business can be steep after all. Of course this would all be an official thing and names like “Black Market” and “VIG” are just replacements for Market and Tax, respectively.

Why not just use the workpieces and sell the items? You can make profit on most of them, at least at current PS4 prices.
But I also like the idea of being able to sell more resources, so you might be on to something.

i’ve got 100+ workpieces which includes about 20 legendary workpieces. I’ll never be able to make them all.