Workpieces. How does it work? what's good for?

yeah, a pretty damn simple question but necessary. I need some guidance.

I have a bunch of those in my storage.

  • Do i have to build the four pieces, wanting only one?
  • what’s the difference between going on the market or build as i always built given i’m having to build the same given rare, epic pieces to be able to build a legendary?
  • why can’t i build the wanted piece directly once the total requirements are met instead of going through every single step?

You build them one by one, 1 workpiece = 1 part, so if you have 3 workpieces you can build 3 parts, you can not build 4 parts and consume just one workpiece

Using workpieces you can make them for a bit less parts required than building them normally. Still much more cheaper to just buy the part off of the market than crafting

No idea

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Depending on your platform, you can make profit from selling items you craft with workpieces.
They are also useful for completing BP challenges that require items of a certain rarity to be crafted.

I can’t, it says non tradeable

You can’t trade the workpiece, but you can craft an item that you can then sell.

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Hello answering point to point:

  • You can build the quantities you want and have available.
  • The difference is primarily in cost, work pieces require fewer recipe pieces.
  • If you mean piece tracking, let me tell you that this interface exists only so you can see what you need when you finish a mission.