Worst UPDATE in Crossout history!

After all the time i have dedicated to this game and money spent supporting gajin games i have now realized that it does not matter…all the veterans that have honed their skills and have mastered a style in the game with a unique skill set have been screwed over…i feel robbed and taken advantage of…i will be filing a class action lawsuit against gaijin games in two weeks if this update is not reverse to a degree so at least its playable again…i am getting motion sickness and have purchased multiple items that have been rendered useless…this is fraud. The dev’s in this game do not have the right to sell us products…pixels or not and alter them beyond usability. if you dont like how hovers work or want to change them then make a 3rd style hover not totally change the two that exist…wtf is so hard about that? now i understand balancing parts including hovers which you did slightly here and there…but wtf bruh…this is fucking nuts…you have killed the game and theres many who will leave with me… you have crossed the line crossout devs…i hope you understand that your army of lemmings that build new builds every other game and yell “weeeee” while rushing in for that one kill a game will not keep this game alive…its the old school loyal players that in fact have…im disgusted…and im done till this game is fixed. o7



This is almost as good as the “federal earth judge” guy…

Guessing same person behind the keyboard.


You mean all the DUUUHs who only cared about pressing W or W+S buttons and never thought they were never promised that this one would be one and only good playstyle of all time? Evolution is good. Change is life.


“Class action lawsuit?”

That is hilarious! I hate what they did to hovers as well. I feel you. But come on now! I call your bluff!


with this update they fucked it up, the money invested in the hover is a waste, if they would at least add a selection option to the settings, I already know it will limit playing and I bet a lot of players will do the same

Completely true

crossout is now unplayable and very tiring

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yes yes u are all veteran players… most veteran players just adapt and go for next strongest think.

that mean u add 3rd option of hoovers but keep old op not balanced or broken version in a game some guy who think he is spend some money in to a free to play game not cray? my opinion adding hovers in to a game was biggest mistake of developers. because it make others build unplayable.

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how is unplayable? I play every day and having a lot of fun doing it.


This new module makes me want to stop playing all together myself tbh.

I’m done spending $

What new module?
There’s been a few introduced recently!

This update is the best they did for balancing the game. For the first time I can shoot hovers and destroy them with machine guns (spectre for example), thanks to the new hovers movements that make feasible (but still hard) to target the cabin.
Sorry hovers players you’re not dramatically OP anymore (or at least less)

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