Wouldn't it be nice to have a cabin with a similar perk to the OLD Humpback?(resurrected tread)

this tread is one that i had made on the old forum, with the new forum, i thought it would be a good idea to share it again as the things in it are probraly still valid and could make an interesting conversation:


This is the OLD Humpback perk from 0.5.2, when humpback was added (at that time humpback had 12 energy too), i cant find the perk itself or the detailed stats logged on the news, nor update sections of both forum and oficial website.

(image auto translated from Russian wiki)

So what about an Epic (or legendary) Medium, or Heavy cabin with a similar perk?


When the vehicle comes to a complete stop, the damage received on the whole vehicle is decreased by 20%


When the vehicle’s current speed is lower than 30 kilometers, the damage of all weapons is increased. Maximum bonus is 15% when the vehicle is at a complete stop.


When the vehicle is completely stationary, Accuracy of all weapons is increased by 30%

These are some examples of similar perks, they are all composed to benefit protecting a certain point or location, the specific amounts are just random numbers i pulled together, but made cautiously enough to not make others cabins compete with it, or it itself compete with the current roles of the other cabins.

but all of this leads to this…

you all already know there are tons of vehicle parts made specifically for adventure, constantly being reused in new bots, PVE bandits, events, and more…

but then, there is this one…


those “hidraulic” pieces looks very similar to what holds an tractor/excavator in place while digging






images taken from google

This piece, is a frame/“movement” part used in the mission “caged beast” on adventure, it is used on a “driveable” artilhary vehicle on the second section of the mission;

The Piece itself serves the purpose of holding the “vehicle” in place, incapacitating any movement, in a way that it prevents all loss of accuracy from the mandrake that can be caused by movement, or recoil.

My thought is… what if we could have a version of this, or something similar, but it is toggleable, and does similar function to the original one?



i need to use those “spike” bumpers in my low powerscore mandrake vehicle so i dont get loss of accuracy from the recoil of the mandrake during fire because of the suspension of the wheels, this is also what makes small tracks a better option for mandrakes as they dont have any sort of suspension at all.

so my suggestion would be a part like this, it can be attached only to the frame, takes no power drain, but weights a lot and has high powerscore, you can toggle it inbeetween a mode in which it is retracted, lets you move freely, and one in which it extends and attaches to the ground, fixing the whole armored vehicle in place. preventing it from any sort of movement.

what do you people think of my idea…?

i would have done a 3d model of what i am thinking of , but i have no time for it at the moment;


changed some of the wording in the post and some other stuff, but the idea is still the same, we could get a cool new cabin, and a “fixator” part, it could be “meta changing” and considering we may be getting two new artilhary based weapons similarly to the mandrake soon according to reliable sourcess that could even prove to be usefull, what do you people think of it?

Interesting ideas.

Humpback: I’m not sure if the perk would be as useful as it was back then probably, mainly for cannons which arent as viable/common as they used to (which this perk was obviously for). Would still be a good combo with tsunamis though.

For the hydraulic leg, they look similar to the tractor ones you sent pictures of but theyre actually from wheeled cranes and are way bigger than the tractor ones. They vary in size although having pretty much all the same functions.

The tractor ones are only meant to stabilise at usually maximum extension and lift back up higher to not remove them ground clearance, as the crane ones arnt only used for stabilising but also to level and raise/lower on not so even terrain or inclines.

I like the idea on paper but I’m not sure it would work super effectivly in-game because well theyre anything but fast in operation,(theyre meant for stationary/stability use after all) at least not fast enough to use right before shooting then retract again. The other issue is I feel people would abuse of these with wedges and such, or maybe not, would depend how they’re made.

overally, humpback’s perk was meant for a totally different game than we have now, back then, it was the only epic cabin, and the only one that had 12 energy as well, apollo did not even “exist” yet, at that time it was a part that was removed a long time ago, but reskinned and brought back when dawns children were added;

we could maybe have a perk like the old humpback on a legendary “tank cabin” still -1 energy, but considering that the main characteristic of “tank cabins” is 50 km speed in exchange for superior base stats, it could instead have a strong perk like that, but instead of just increasing accuracy, it could maybe increase damage, weapon rotation speed, or etc.

i knew that the ones in crossout were from an actual construction vehicle, as i remember seeing one somewere, but i had conpletelly forgotten which type of vehicle it was while still remembering they existed somewere, so when making the post, i searched the most generic words to try to get all examples of one in use to appear, but all results that appeared were just regular tractors, so i picked an image of one;

in function, i think they could work similarly to anchors from the game TerraTech, basically just fixating your vehicle to the ground bellow, while extending and raising it as well;
it could have an activation time of 1 second or so, to make it viable, and 1 second as well for deactivation, but when activated, there would be a cooldown, and so you would not be able to deactivate instantly, same thing for deactivating as well, they are half-way implemented into the game already;

there are tons of part unasesible to us in the game, legendary cabins aren’t that new of a thing, the first one was actually added when the “adventure” mode was, we can see it being used by a vehicle in one of the last missions; it is basically twice the size of the humpback, multiple vehicles in adventure also do have a “Legendary wheel” too, and a lot of parts that were “removed” from the game are actually still there, you can even see them in AI vehicles, some were avaiable to us, but only at the time that structural parts were tradeable, that is why we had an “structure” section for so long in the market tab even tho they were untradeable; there is also “cks” for structural parts some were even made into decor, there is lot of “unused” stuff in crossout, but with time they are slowly adding all of them back, there is also a know thing where in some cabin fusion events we could actually see the AI only cabins there, + a rare version of the docker which we eventually got it back in the form of a CK for docker, there is lots of interesting stuff about ancient crossout, but this is not an apropriate place to talk about as gaijin could actually end up suing me if i talk about the wrong thing, but most things i talked about here are mostly “common knowedge” as of, know enought.

So basicly you’d become like allied turrets when people ram you? Unless enemies could snap it off by doing so. It would solve allies ramming you and screwing your artillery shots though.

I agree, I wished I could have these big dually wheels the nomad convoy has in the story. But ja, kinda confirms what I heard about devs giving up on the adventure mode entirey lol.

Perhaps, ja, or maybe a in-built swivle platform to put turret/armor (and locking the existing swivle of the canon you put on top)onto so we could actually build our own irl tank turrets, could only allow cannons as weapon on top as well or something and perhaps being weaker to existing turreted cannons so it’s not too op.