WTF devs?

I’ve got this like dozen times by now on different builds but this time it’s just ridiculous. Unless the frontal bumper is some 3-4 pin construction, a 4x4 frame gets blown like it’s nothing despite bumper supposingly taking the damage, it actually goes through. Its must be devs running some sort weird physics that makes ramming damage go extra pins at high speed, resulting in damage bypassing parts. This is actually exactly why tusk booster builds are more effective than they should be.

I just loled as not a single ~15 hp tin part was taken out in that collision that took out a whole 4x4 frame. Like… what the actual F?
I posted it as issue to devs so you can upvote it if you have suffered from stolen frames too.

The situation actually can be reliably recreated on the range. 100 kmh speed on one build is enough to make this happen.
The fix for situation can be placing 2x4 frame and living half of space open. This actually helps for the situation… BUT! if I place any part, frame or structural - it starts acting as GDamn damage conduit :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: making that 2x4 frame blown away on collision, while leaving empty space prevents from… Damage spreading??
Wtf is going on??
Now this really explains why tusk booster builds work the way they do, they just hit you on some parts and they spread damage like conduit, not entirely… but in a sense for sure. I’ve noticed more weirdness going on with collisions than this. Damage going in other direction than collision for instance. So situation is probably worse, damage don’t go extra pins, it just starts spreading to parts :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

i think the problem is you’re using a single frame while the game, and the community, suggest for players to use multiple frames. Using just one, it’s taking ALL the damage so it doesn’t last very long. I like to use 1x6 and 1x8 frames (1 for each wheel, 4 frames in total). I ram things ALL the time and it keeps on going.

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i forgot to mention the crossbeam 1x8 up front, that REALLY helps.

I’m not gonna say a word.

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i think thats against the point though. using multiple frames takes up your maximum number of parts on a build. on a small build its not that bad but on bigger builds it can be an issue. i dont like the idea of the frames taking recoil damage instead of the melee weapon itself. i have noticed it myself to when ramming.

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what point are you referring too? The post is about how to survive ramming things and, I think, I’ve giving one answer (not the only one though) on how to survive ramming things. Multiple frames really helps with a build that’s MEANT for ramming. Even if it’s not meant for ramming, it’s helpful none the less.

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i worded that wrong. ugh my bad.
what i meant is that i myself use only 1 frame at the front of my builds to. i mean… it doesnt make sense to me that the frame would take the brunt of the impact if you have a bumper on the front protecting it. i mean whats what bumpers are made for arent they? they are usually made to absorb impacts right?


also, are those Low-Clearance wheels??? or starter wheels?? I only ask because that could, and I might be wrong, but that could be one of the issues. If your frame is getting hit by wedge’s and their hatchet blade…or any thing else like shivs…that frames toast.

Are you saying the bumper somehow survived but the frame didn’t?

thats what the poster is saying. what im saying is the bumpers are supposed to absorb damage, not let it pass through. ill have to test this myself tomorrow if i have time.

I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced that, but now I’m curious.
Some bumpers do have pass through damage, but I assumed that was just for bullets. You can see the icon on some.

It can happen on lighter builds

On that build I need space to have RN_Seal on the middle. So frame choice is somewhat limited. I have option to use separate 1 * 4 or 2 * 4 frames, but that won’t change much as they wil protrude forward taking ram damage. I have sort of solution using 2*4, just curious why placing any part in front of it makes it damage conduit. But in general I try to use bigger frame to actually be durable for any situation.


Not at all. I only loose wheels because frame dies.

Frame is not getting hit by anything it surrounded by melee resistant parts all of which survived. Even non melee resident did. Look at the screens. only frame at least 2 pin inside the construction got destroyed.

Exactly what happens. My bumper holds additionally on structural parts that survived. only 120 hp 4 * 4 frame inside that construction died.

Some bumpers have 25% resistance to firearm damage(but in my experience that actually goes far, as all gun mounts actually survive fire like bullet damage too)
But almost all other have only 90% melee resistance. Those I used on built are those abyway. And they 120 and 180 hp parts, meaning they can absorb 1200 and 1800 ram damage, and they do… but frame 2 pin behind…

Perhaps, but that doesn’t make sense still why ramming damage goes through parts and why parts act like damage conduit passing through damage instead of protecting them(not just bumper, I explained it in first post)

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I used build with gessan to recreate the situation.
Looks like the only happens when opponent has some sort of protruding forward edge.

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You have to run more than one frame because I will speak matter of factly from experience that there is some penetrating hitscan ray that appears in high speed collisions in the direction of travel from the first part contacted. There is no armor against this, a tusk will ram your cab to death like a 2500 damage scorpion bolt through a train plow and goliaths if he gets a direct hit and this hitscan ray touches your cab. If he hits at a weird angle this hitscan ray might miss anything important.

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There is a glitch that causes bumpers to penetrate through enemy bumpers to their entire dimension. E.g., the Hatchet, which is 5 blocks long, should be able to go through a bumper 3 blocks thick (or maybe even 4), such as the Train Plow, and do damage to a part behind it, without destroying the bumper itself. This glitch occurs at certain high speeds, especially when boosting.

I discovered this when using my boosted Clarinet car. I record my battles with that weapon, so I was able to replay and review the precious few instances that happened. In those cases, my car’s cabin wasn’t protected by a wide enough wall of bumpers, so even something like a Train Plow, or the Bastion’s plow on an enemy car, was able to get through when I rammed an enemy vehicle head-on, doing increased damage to my cabin as a result of the high speed, causing my car to explode.

2023.07.01 001

Fig. 1. Never happened with this car. Notice the Gun Mounts between the cabin and the Incisors, as well as the Shock Absorbers above them.

2023.07.01 002

Fig. 2. Started happening after making the subsequent cars more compact by removing the Gun Mounts and mounting the Incisors directly on the cabin.

Maybe it has to do with the rate of registering part movement. So if a bumper travels at a high enough speed, its position, hence the striking end, will be registered behind an enemy’s bumper that would block it below that speed. I don’t remember what speeds it happened at, but each time I was boosting and going very fast. Probably at least 130 km/h. I seem to remember that one time it happened when I rammed a Bastion head-on, at over 200 km/h. But ramming a Train Plow was enough too.

Also, I would sometimes lose the front wheels, despite them not making any contact with the enemy vehicle, IIRC. That was a somewhat common occurrence, with the car in Fig. 1.


You said seven words ! :grinning:
And me four…
I mean seven too !

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