WTF is happening here?

I’m being kind of off lately for no other reason than a lot of work covering for vacations of others.

And Crossout changed by a lot, the rewards turned into nothing (badges) from 400 - 100 badges to 20? WTF ?
I’ve been keeping an eye time to time but i wasn’t prepared for the economic changes that Crossout suffered.

I’m a casual player, i always was and i am still. I have a small inventory with few weapons, i will progress even slower now.

Today i played three games and i was shocked.

From a small time grunt, now i’m the leader of the clan? WTF?
Is this legal? I mean, a guy create a clan and loses the clan to other guy just because he’s inactive?

I never asked for this, i don’t have the disponibility or time for this.
Yeah, i know everyone in a clan works and helps for the collective rewards, but this is even worst, because i’m a clan of one.
I don’t have the time, nor the builds, nor the weapons to try to collect the amount of badges i was used to collect normally playing casual.
What i’m supposed to do now?


It means your clan leader logged out for 2 weeks and you randomly got the leadership roll. Just give it to someone with the most activity if you want to.


Wasn’t randomly, cause i’m the only one somewhat active in the clan.

2 weeks?
No, more than 1500 days. The guy who have less days logged out has 513 days … and counting

Create a second account and start from scratch, invite alt to your clan, play both accounts every day.

They said it was random if there were no officers named but it could be via activity does it really matter?