Xbox and play station

turn off camera traction and aim assist, ill continue to make fun of all you who use it and dont need to, i dont sugar coat sht

I’m pretty sure no one cares if you make fun of them.

Camera steering allows me to play strafing parts without my hands cramping up, but the way it simplifies things has a lot of drawbacks. It’s a lot easier to get tunnel vision with camera steering, and makes it harder to see what’s going on around you.

Aim assist doesn’t even do that much anymore, and I don’t think is worth caring about one way or another. I go back and forth about using it every few months, and I don’t really notice my performance changing much. Aim assist makes playing more relaxing, but I am a worse player when I get too relaxed. And it can mess you up when using some long range weapons.

I’m on pc and use camera steering plus aim assist so big whoop. Aim assist is in the grand majority of games so I’ll continue making of fun of players who over emphasize and get worked up about the least productive skill in society. Wheres better aim in a video game gonna get you in life?

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