Xbox Confrontation Battle / Update "Horrible"

Clan Confrontation is horrible on Consoles, Because not even able to find one match.
Have "Clan Challenge for 600 Engineer Badges but impossible. 50,000 Damage and cant even find one match.

There is no CROSS-PLATFORM yet, Xbox player base is not that high and you try to do something that not everyone want to do.

People dont like always playing in clans or big groups.

I have a clan but there is only 3 people that get online. HOW IS THIS A GOOD UPDATE.
Its impossible for the solo players and the people that does not like large clan battles and stuff.


Here’s what you do: kick the inactive players from your clan and get some new ones.

Recruit in PVP games and through the messaging system.

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There where a lot of solo clans advertising in chat tonight on Xbox. It was good to see.

Also I did get to play one full session of Confrontation tonight solo and I instant qued one match after another. Matches where like 2min or less average each and maybe 30sec tops wait between games.

Super fast scrap

The Xbox Crossout community is small but is extremely social. There aren’t very many lone wolf type players.

Part of that is Xbox. It is extremely chat friendly and more of a social gaming network. People talk to each other in pvp and can speak to their whole pvp team while they are playing on Xbox.

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I understand your frustration with Clan Confrontation on consoles. It can be difficult to find matches and complete challenges when the player base is not as high as on other platforms. It seems like the update may not cater to solo players or those who prefer smaller clan Sakfcsurvey battles. It would be helpful to have cross-platform play to increase the player pool and make it easier to find matches. Hopefully, the developers will consider these concerns and make adjustments to improve the experience for all players.

What time do you guys play? What part of the world do you live in? (I’m wondering if this is a regional issue because we don’t have that problem in the US)

I’m honestly confused when people say they can’t find a game on Xbox.

I played two Confrontation sessions yesterday Solo Que. I instant qued every game waiting no longer then about 30seconds between match’s and my matches were between 1min and 2.5 min each. (Had some really fast games yesterday)