Xbox EU is dying. Cross-platform needed!

Hi! Does anyone know anything more about the planned introduction of cross-platform play? They were supposed to be there by the end of last year. Is there a new position of developers on this matter? I’m seriously considering switching platforms.

Best regards!

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I think they gave up on it.

They announced awhile ago that they have no idea when or if it is coming. So that means they are not working on it.

Pretty much they decided this game gets a slooooow death.

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Last they said was they were prepping systems still. If I remember correctly the question was asked during the helicopter mode video demo.

XO is dying? Cannot be :rofl:


Ryan, Ashley and James etc will forever keep it alive lmao


I believe the upcoming update with the pass through changes is probably their last chance to get the game on track.

Crossout 2.0 has proven to be a fiasco so far imo, game was at its best around this time last year and it has been all downhill since then.

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I :100: agree that the game was at its best balance right before 2.0

:point_up: exactly