XO installed to deleted and hidden library in less than 3 months

Not likely to ever come back.

What was fun and creative became a pain in the ass and frustration and anger.

I spent quite a bit of money on this shit before I realized the reality of the situation.

The way ftp games are designed. Deception, lies and money over anything else.

Then you have the overall state of the game lack of innovation, balance or care for the community.

I may respond to some comments but I’m out for at least a couple years :wave:

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Good for you. Now you can spend your time on something else

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I think they have recently recognised their problems, go to the news and read about the test server

As for the cost, the problem is yours, no one is forcing you to play with weapons above epic level, you can upgrade rare weapons to get a fair game and a good gaming experience

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This is very true.

You can do pretty much everything in game except clan wars with rares.

But I’ll admit that my brain just can’t stop the “Must level to the top!!” Thing programed in my brain from older games.

It’s hard for many people to be happy with only rare items… but their is a ton of 100% free gameplay to be had in this game, you just need to be willing to play at the level your inventory lets you play at.

I think a lot of times you get guys that buy a few packs, or buy a BP, they start to get a taste of high end play BUT they are Soooooo far from where they need to be to compete at those levels.

One guy will be happy to build lower PS with the same items and have a ton of fun.

Another guy gets pissed because he don’t understand why his 12k build is getting wrecked because it was built with pack and BP items on a low level account.

People have to be willing to PLAY the game and not SKIP the game.

Even if your the guy that wants to play competitively at the top you need to realize that having a fun time working your way up might take 6months to a year. If your trying to push it faster then that with money… well… you might be in for a surprise that you don’t have leveled drivers, or all the faction armor, or fused gear, experience at playing the game, and so on.

People ruin there own experiences in this game.

Also, be careful what you ask for.

When you get to the top, you get a lot of trash people your going to have to put up with to play clan wars. I ran 3 top ten clans over 3 years and when I look back on it, 75% of those dudes I wouldn’t hang out with in real life. But on the internet people will clan up with guys that are complete garbage as people for the chance to win Ore. (the higher you get, the lower the IQ goes and the bigger the Ego.)

I went off on a tangent, but it is really all good food for thought.