Yeah.. raid rewards went down

i got 37 plastic from a raid i went in inside the perimeter breach. i did better then everyone else but still got alot less rewards then before. i used to get 40 - 45 max but now i seem to only get plastic in the 30s.
i did frontier defense before and got 51 plastic but still… thats disappointing seeing the rewards going down more and more.

yeah just did another with steppenwolves and got 36 plastic despite me scoring the highest in the match.

perimeter breach for hard raids and for electronics seem to be the same kind of. 20 - 24 depending how high a score you get.
perimeter breach for copper seems to have gone up quite a bit. i got 300 - 375 before but now im getting up in the 400s so…
what do you guys make of this?

Are you paying for the premium. I normally get less but I’m not paying for that subscription fee.

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Raiding has always been about getting a plastic every 60 points and then an extra unit of plastic, if you have a premium account that’s every 40 points

this IS with premium. i used to get alot more plastic then that. in regular pve patrol i used to get 18 scrap, now i only get 12 - 14 and im very lucky if i get 15. and 15 seems to be the max. you cant get 18 anymore. plastic raids seems to have dropped from 40 - 45 plastic to 30 - 38. copper seems to have gone up a bit from 300 - 380 to 400 - 500 now. and yes i actually got 500 copper before.
to me this is a bad change. especially since the raids arent consistant anymore. and are the exact same raid when they switch. there are times where i cant even get in the raid that i want. i can spend DAYS not getting into the raid i want and its a waste of fuel and time.

The constant multiple layered battle passes also award free2play resource crates. This is a new situation (multiple simultaneous BPs), so maybe they feel like they are handing out more resources than they used to, and are trying to balance it out with this ninja nerf

It might just be too premium then as I’m seeing the same rates as I normally do.