Yet again.. forced pvp

they are forcing the bullcrap pvp on us yet again for the seasonal challenges. “destroy or help destroy 5 armored aircraft in missions or brawls”. is this some kind of joke? i HATE fighting these stupid aircraft in pvp and i find this rather irritating that they added that yet again to this battle pass. unless the new raid has them that will count towards the challenge then im not doing them. i hate pvp and i refuse to complete those stupid side missions.

on top of this the exchange is ALOT less then it was before. trade lighters for hammerfall, nidhogg or a mammoth? why only these 3 when you have given more then that before?
i mean i could use the nidhogg to have a pair but these fusion weapons arent worth it. the only thing id get from this pass is 2 jotuns and a nidhogg. thats really it.

my opinions on the weapons is this.
skadi: is questionable and very weak in terms of how it deals damage. its very concentrated like a flamethrower but has a very awkward arch to it. its a close range weapon and if you can get that arc to work then… good for you?

Narwhal: i want two but meh. its a good cannon and very powerful, we will see in due time. reminds me of the mastodon but freezing when it hits.

Jotun: a really fun weapon for me, i like this gun and itll make a nice addition to my arsenal. cant wait to run two of these! yes its weaker then the incinerators but i dont care! i want it and i like it.

to add i think they needed to add a co driver to benefit the cryo weapons. id like to see a cryo specialist to expand the area of the Jotun, increase the freezing explosion radious of the Narwhal and boost the Skadi somehow.

but all in all i hate that they added more pvp missions in the pass. hopefully the raid had them and itll count otherwise im going to be pretty nettled.

You don’t actually have to destroy them just hit them once. I know you still have to go into pvp but it’s not that bad.

it doesnt help though then you have 2 players per team and the bots cant hit a fly buzzing around in front of them.

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Honestly it took me a few days too… Just keep plugging at it, it’s what makes it an actual challenge.

oh, let me fetch my Caucasus…no…wait… my Chord

Go for it I already finished it with my dumb rocket guppy heli…

Was doing battery battles yesterday and found that fewer people are using copters now, knowing everyone else has to shoot them down…I was seeing only one copter player on each team. Makes sense, who wantsa be fodder for the masses?

The challenges remain forever until you do them, so let the weekend pass and people will start playing copters again.

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No, it’s not. The Skadi has more range than every flamethrower in the game. And the arc isn’t bad, you’re just used to flamethrowers. It’s more like a rapid-fire machine gun. Really close range, but not flamethrower close.