What do we think?

I admit that so far it has been more of a game changer for me than I expected. For closer range and alpha strike weapons, the long cloak time lets you really take your time and line up your attack.
But man those fuel cells are explosive! Definitely helps balance them, especially in close range builds. Even if you hide them well, explosive weapons still sometimes blow them, and I’ve been losing half my build when it goes off.

One unexpected thing for me is that it’s been really good on heavy close range builds. Now I can more consistently close the gap and sneak up on faster victims.

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I just got around to updating my builds with the yeti. It is way better than the regular epic chameleon, with the rune reload module you can stay in cloak for 70 seconds waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a move. Gives you a lot of flexibility.

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I haven’t messed with it much yet though I played around on the test server with it a little. The omamori fits right inside of it. It is one of the ways I was thinking about using it then mounting maybe a cannon right on top with the omamori connected to the cab. Still not sure exactly what I want to do with it though yet.

I’m always a bit behind when it comes to building with the new stuff. Was kind of hoping they’d drop the energy change before I get to building with the stuff from this BP. As that will tell me which builds I want to drop of mine.

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Should be 2 energy already

You might be right, but I think more time is needed to see how it will play out.

It’s definitely a powerful module, but the explosiveness of the fuel cells may turn out to be a big enough drawback to balance it. I’m going to have to make a lot more builds with it before I can tell if it’s possible to hide it enough to protect it.

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Yeah but you only need 2 bits of fuel…

I actually kind of wonder if all the cloaking devices should be fuel based though. I kind of hate to suggest it but at the same time I know how many players have complained over the years about them.

I’ve only been using the one BP fuel cell, and have yet to run out during a match.

But even with the one, I’ve been losing half my build to lucky cannon shots and missiles.

I refuse to put a Rune in any of my builds. I always hang it off the back on a stick. This module is a menace.

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Do you find the cloak offers enough time without one?
I refuse to have explosives hanging off the back of my builds, at least until I figure out a way for it to look cool.

That’s pretty funny. I forgot that this was a Poony rig. We can’t let function get in the way of high style.

I don’t think that the cloak is enough for me without the Rune. One Rune is enough to do what I need to do with it though. One thing you might consider is putting the Rune on a Rift and then blowing it off whenever you have burned through the 20 or so extra seconds that the Rune provides. But, rifting off your Rune knocks you out of cloak. Maybe drive in cloaked close to melee, then pop your rift to get the Rune off your build before you do some serious brawling.

Another idea is to put the Rune in the Yeti notch and make sure that it isn’t connected to anything on the build other than the Yeti. When the cloak gets shot off, the Rune will disconnect without blowing up. At least, that’s the theory. I just hang it off the back.

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That’s it for me. Yeti creates a more strategic game. I like to play guard dog with the long cloak. I go near someone who is going to be dog bait, call him Scorpion hover, and cloak up when I see him generating interest. when the dog strikes, I counter strike and burn him down.

The same principal goes for Levi wars. I have been favoring a heavy anti levi wedge stopper build, Yoko, 2 Bugs and a Flash. I cloak up when I see the Levi coming, pop my Yoko boost and plow him in the side. Last night, I had one teammate on a triple Flash build and one on Incinerators and we stacked up some uranium with these tactics. If you can stop a levi, green Incinerator fire will burn his wheels off in 5 seconds. It should be noted that Buggy wheels have really been helping me get underneath and wedge levis and other things and Yoko has the power to push things around when they are wedged.

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I thought I was being clever tucking it in the hole of the yeti, and then putting it in the middle of the build behind the cabin. But even then it was getting popped.

I think for now I will accept the risk, as it feels like a fair tradeoff. If I played CW I would be more inclined to figure out some tricks.

I will try seeing if I can connect it to a low HP piece that will break off before the fuel cell pops.

i added another fuel cell to it and my god the time you have for invisibility is insane. i can imagine if they were both fused how much more time youd get. and yeah i get they are more explosive to but… i feel as if they made frames alot weaker then they were before. frames are meant to be quite resilient and are supposed to be able to tank a bit more damage then normal (except from melee where they fall apart like crackers) and idk it just feels like they are weaker then before. is it just me or does anyone else think that to?

i havent used mine yet, its just collecting dust. id rather use the cloaks i have that can recharge their use instead of running out and being unusable. thats just my own tastes though. i might try it out in the future but idk yet.