Yokai's, love 'em or hate 'em?

What are people’s thoughts? I recently got 2 to try, seeing their perk is quite specific but the damage for using it properly is so high and entertaining, I can’t believe theyre down so cheap, anyone else enjoy them?

I have not tried them, but I am very curious about them. Hopefully someone replies who actually uses them!

You just hit the floor next to your enemy and you get great damage, it you land a shot you only get like 250 damage but damn i’ve been having so much fun with these things

I have so many clips from the past day

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I snatched up two really fast when they first came out and the price dropped and was fairly disappointed. Post balance changes the damage was better but was still disappointed with them so I sold them.

As soon as I saw they where buffing this gun I fused a set. Very fun.

I honestly can’t find a good reason to play them over Quasars. Yes, the optimal damage is really good… but Quasar does like, 80% as good if you shoot below an opponent, and everything else much better.

Well, agree. This guns still are not good.

But for a challenge to make a fun build, then it is worth a few hours of entertainment.

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I think they’re good with a very specific playstyle, and great mechanical skills. Not surprised m420 is enjoying them.

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They are an anti hover weapon. Fire them under a hover and because hovers have no durability, you can totally de-frame them. I saw this happen last week in clanwars with an eight hover retcher build on nova cabin.

Yes its pure antihover weapon. If someone dont know how to kill hovers, try yokai you’ll have a lot of fun.

I only played them during that brawl event where u find the drones. The Yokai builds was one of my favorites.

They’re def better at close range. People use them from too far away usually, and that makes it hard for them to land a well placed high dammage shot.

They’re a decent weapon in terms of performance. People just dislike it for the same reason. Everyone hated yongwang at first. It has a high learning curve and a Wierd firing mechanic via its perk.

It’s just an oddball gun and from what I see in PvP people usually never know how to use it properly. If better players start cleaning the battleground with them they will pick up in popularity some. It took a while but people finally realized how strong the Wang is.

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It does nowhere near as much damage underneath though…

Most of the dmg you get from Yokai is that sweet gen pop anyway, Quasar doesn’t do it as well, but it does so much more besides that. If you hit next to a wheel, both weapons deal crap damage.

It really isn’t, you can talk off entire sides of people including all wheels with it, no explosives, it’s the Yokai perk that penetrates the entire explosion radius that does it, so you doo all that damage to every part in the radius unlike quaser, i just shot under the hover i have in my garage as a test and it sucks at it in comparison i’ll show soon

The way explosions work, the damage does not go through parts. Only overkill damage goes through. I think it was xcai35 who made that gigantic thread about blast damage that nailed it straight on the head. (that was probably like, more than 2 years ago. Last useful thread we’ve had on these forums lol)

Yokai deals full damage up to the edge of the radius, but it doesn’t mean it damages everything for 200 dmg in a sphere of death. land your shot next to a hermit wheel, no damage goes to parts behind the wheel, because it soaks up all the damage, and there’s no overkill to pass behind that.

I don’t disagree with the fact Yokai is MUCH better against hovers, because hovers are much higher, so Yokai basically peppers their whole belly with full damage. Against a car with low ground clearance, the difference between Yokai and Quasar is much harder to see. I think the average (and even above average) player just isn’t accurate enough to make that slight damage increase worth the efforts. I’ve seen you nail people with full cricket volleys at 100m while drifting tho, so I definitely think Yokai is better for you than Quasar (^%

I still do feel like its easier to pop off their wheels and such with a yokai’s damage and then get a shot between such a gap than to use a quasar

I think for the average player who’s not hitting stupidly hard shots with a controller while drifting 90% of the time, the cons outweight the pros heavily. I’m certainly not telling you to switch weapons, or that Quasar would be better for you specifically (^:

I consider myself decent at video games, but I’ve never had the awesome accuracy you, or my q3 friend have. I find Yokai silly frustrating to use. Sometimes you think you nailed someone by shooting 30cms away from them, and the ground blocks your explosion, leading to a wonderful 0 dmg :skull: Or the opponent turns suddenly, and you hit their bumper for pitiful dmg :japanese_goblin:

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You cant drift as much anymore it’s sad, I miss those days, i have to drive normally now or 14 tonne builds will catch up with me because logic

Ill throw these in:

Quasers with quantum:

Yokai with no extras to aid:

I did do it multiple times, the best i got was 1 hover on the first quasar shot, then the 2nd, but theres no way you can get more than that on this little hover thing

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Yeah i guess, but i’m used to my scorp doing the same kinda thing so