Again, what’s the catch of this cab?
People are pretty dismissive when talking about Yokozuna cab, and i don’t understand why.
I mean, watching at it’s stats, it looks pretty cool.
10 tons of tonnage + 21 tons of mass limit, probably one of the fastest heavy cabins out there and despite being a legendary, practically is at the same price of the Icebox cab.
Yes, we could look from other perspective, it has more 600 PS than the icebox, but it’s more compact, it has practically the same stats that the Machinist (which can be a juggernaut) but with a better form factor and with more connection points.
So, what’s the downside of this cabin?

Other question

Where is the threshold to not meet Relic weapons regularly?

thank you

It does NOT have a better form factor. In fact, it’s one of the most horrendous cabs to build with. You can’t slap the apollo below it safely, and it’s one pin taller than pretty much everything else.
Its perk is also objectively garbage when you can go around with 30% teamwide resist or 40% reload reduction scorps or a free cloak, or all that sweet stuff other legendary cabs do.

Like, yeah, you can go 90kmh with your perk and a cheetah, for 10 seconds. Weeheeeee- oh wait hovers are going at 95kmh nowadays, forget it.


First of all, thank you very much for the reply
We definitely value different things

But at what price?
I’m not that willing in giving up tonnage or mass limit for that.
Beholder and Griffon are extremely low in my priority list, i see them and…meh, Hadron is there but not for now, very, very down the line. (because echo, less PS, more capacity, could be bigger tho)
The only one that you mentioned that i’m interested it’s Cohort., but that one will receive a different kind of weapon (i don’t know which ones)
why i’m asking about Yokozuna
Yokozuna has the same length of a medium cab but may be tall enough to shield an upright Apollo leaving me less exposed to fire poodles.
Medium cabins are too small and can’t offer the same level of armour because Ton and mass limitations. My builds don’t have a soft belly, and if anyone reaches my soft parts it’s because everything’s lost there’s nothing more to be done.
Scorps are scorps nothing can be done if you are the main focus
The small size of the cab and more generous connection points will allow me to gain space in my build or recess the cab and try other configurations with my frontal SGs and that cab has a flat surface which is great, Icebox in comparison it’s much longer and doesn’t have a flat surface.
Generally speaking, if those dismissal feelings towards the cab it’s mainly due because of the perk.
Ok, i think i can mitigate that with armour and fire power.
But that it’s depending of how high can i go before i start to encounter relics in a regular basis.

I don’t think you can insulate from fire puddles. I think anything above the puddle takes the same damage.

I like the look and concept of Yokozuna, but I haven’t come up with many good uses for it. Most effective thing I made was a quad lacerator build. Hitting people at high speed with a lot of mass does a lot of impact damage.
I think it probably works well on a skinner/king build. The perk is good for dragging and pushing people.
Currently I’m trying to make it work with gremlins, but haven’t come up with anything that works particularly well.

Currently i’ve got my Gremlins under mounted and i’m not taking any advantage of my cab perk due a technicality, that in built lip in the front.
I have two buggy floors leveling things out, from the front and behind my build is all plows, i’ve got all of them mounted.
Despite being great and all, tanky, i’m thinking in switching gremlins to gravastars.
not only i will get tankier gravastars but also a bit more leeway up and down.
That’s one more reason why i’m thinking Yokozuna i will be able to mount them in a more effective way in other version keeping my Gremlins.

What i’m planning to do is taking advantage of the SG spread and space them out a bit, opening slits between the plows just enough for my Gremlins which will be inside the build can peek out while protected by the plows hitbox against incoming damage
well, at least, is what i’m hoping for.
Until yesterday i was thinking doing this with Master cab, but after seeing Yoko stats and size… i thought about this second possibility
I think regardless of what one wants to make there’s very few cabs that fit perfectly

Well, if you are not open to the reasons why people do not Yokozuna… then why are you asking?
I never understood the point of asking a question so you can argue about it.

If I was to put together an actual Clan Wars clan again, you would not be able to even join my clan without these cabins.
That is how good they can be.

Patrol mode :laughing:
I would say once you get above 6k you will see relics. Much above 8k and its pretty regular. My relic pvp builds are 10.5k ish to 16k ish.

Hmm. I don’t know if you have ever heard the saying “Hitpoint Sponge” and “effective hitpoints”

Skinner + rear facing Locusts is pure :clap:

As far as I can tell, the pieces closest to the ground take more damage faster. So in a small way you can. That is just subjective observation over a couple thousand games with incinerators. It may not work this way at all.

Read again, i was talking in general, all examples given was light or medium cabins, apparently, you value cloak perks over ton and mass and that’s fine…i don’t.
At least for now, making armour concessions cause limits, no, those days are over…or on hold.

I’m beneath 12k and it’s fine for now, esporadic scorps or porcs, has been this way since 6k like you said.
what i’m trying to avoid it’s reach a level where the majority or almost all teams have relics and i’m with epics.
staying below 14 k?
Perhaps after that treshhold i will switch for a greater HP.

I wan to know that Can I get one or more then one at a time? Please let me know.

I agree wth the fact a brick of stats is nice. That’s why Cohort >>>>>>> Yokozuna any day of the week. You can bury your apollo in some god forgotten place where the sun never shines and drive around with 50% more effective dura than any Yoko build, and you’re 1 pin shorter on top of that.

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Cohort gives 30% more durability + Grizzly gives another 30 % more durability + (5 %?)
Most probably the all thing must cap it out at 30%, right?

Or can i be allowed to walk around in the battles with durability of a build and a half? ( i wish)

You can totally stack them like a brute and go around with bonkers resist. Wanna be a tough guy? Go Cohort Avalanche Averter Grizzly (^%

The formula is a bit awkward tho. Someone could type it here probably?

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I would caution not to fear relics too much. Many legendaries and purples can be competitive. Hell some special weapons can be in the right hands.

Yep. If you have any interest in Clan Wars, or in playing competitive Crosssout, you must make acquiring the right cabins for your build with the right fusion a high priority.

This is what I’ve seen. Yokozuna on a Skinner/King build, usually in Levi wars to get stops on sausage levis, but also PVP. It is highly effective because nothing except a Leviathan can outpull a Yoko build, especially if you have the Syndicate +power Yoko and Grizzly for +power and durability or Phobos for + speed.

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Cheetah/ sabbath/ yokozuna has no problem catching hovers.

If only it didn’t slid around everywhere like a wet bar of soap U_U I hate Sabbaths so far tbh.

I like sabbaths. The update made them drive better as well. I dont slip arpund on any of my sabath builds.