You are the Director

Of Crossout.

Where do you want the game to go?.
And what would you change currently?

Remove camera steering, make wheel builds viable for things other than facehugging, create ways for new players to get a taste of mid-late game without breaking the bank. I think a weekly subscription you can buy for coins would work. Pay 100 coins, get a set of epics you can swap for another full set once per day. Kind of like the old legendary temporary containers, but not as pricy or luck dependant. Maybe up the cost for a legendary set for 350c a week. 1000 for relic set. This way you could play endgame without having to wait 1 to 2 years. Coin burn keeps the economy moving and player retention might go up because of players grinding new levels and not just buying a useless 30 dollar pack, get aggravatingand never playing again. Renting relics and legendaries could open up clan wars to hundreds of new teams who stand to gain uranium whereas before they never did.


Thank you for your input, but do you think everyone wants to play the endgame?

I think the shiny new toys and possibilities entice most everyone, especially at the start. Who doesnt see a Scorpion and dream big?

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Some great points DHawk!

Great discussion by the way!

For me I would start by some balance points in regard to canons.

  1. When you miss with a canon you have to wait for the reload this does not apply to machine guns, autocannons and shot guns. (The DPS is lower for canons then what is shown as a parameter)
  2. Terrain and movement has an effect on targeting. While you don’t have to slow down or stop, not doing so can be the difference between a hit or miss.
  3. As a balance mechanic I would increase the canons range too long. While this does not matter on close range or medium maps it still gives reason to use canons on long maps without having to engage in close quarters.

Relics are very difficult to craft. FYI - I am on my second month saving for the Odin Relic Generator. The only part I need is regular Thor generator. I would make Relics easier to craft by not requiring special parts that require in game events to craft or get as an item. (This creates unnecessary bottlenecks) This will lower the cost for parts.

I would create a currency that is universal and used across events instead of being lost. They can be used for stickers, paint, coin, decor, packs, for subscription time, and for fusing items. You can also buy unique portraits, backgrounds and co-drivers. (Goal to decrease complexity and create a fun experience. Also create another avenue for revenue by purchasing unique stuff. Of course you can by this unique currency on the store.) This by passes an event item like lighters and streamline the current store-bought unique resource coin or whatever. Have one universal system that is easy to understand.

Make co-drivers have an added ump! They have a preferential cabin based on a faction. Give them a cool trait like added durability, added power, added speed etc. Basically, where the cabin is weak make it better balanced.


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Elaborate please.

I agree wholeheartedly with most of your post and have made similar suggestions. Open up CW to the masses and you could actually build the playerbase.

A Relic in 1 to 2 years? What have I done wrong? :anguished:

On the other hand, I sorta don’t really want to be an endgamer…I enjoy the game too much, and the people I’ve met…and don’t want to get to “the end” and have nothing else to do, except annoy people with scorpions. I may never get relics, and that’s ok too.

But to answer the OP’s query, as a director, the only thing that should matter is player retention. Once you have enough people sticking with the game (thereby growing the player base) then you can focus on expansions. This game is worth it.

I would keep MGs, SGs, , canons, Aurora, Drones, Missiles and Melee, basically i would keep it simple
I would make premium builds with full combat capabilities instead of those sorry ass packs.
I would end the Market and put in place a XP model instead( rewards of XP and an array of XP modifiers which you can buy and earn through combat).
I would revitalize the adventure mode and use that map more frequently like in a RPG kind of mode.
I would try to make something more with bedlam…
I would completely separate the ground from the air with completely missions, raids and equipment.
CWs would be with pre made builds

And that’s it

i would press the red button!

  • Remove all the money absorbing moron tricks they implemented. Leave subscription, CKs, and gear/xp packs
  • restart player database, remove all gear and give points based on time spent(number of battles) in gamemodes. Make all gear xp unlockables, and fuse perks to be chosen at will(make them modules to be inlocked via research)
  • balance all weapons and tech as close to balance as possible.
  • reduce number of gamemodes, leave regular pvp, patrol, raid, and one event mode, join copters and regular battles, improve maps.
  • funny thing is I came to conclusion that market should be removed. It is barely a tool of freedom rather turns out to be a coin(progress) sink trick. Tech tree unlocks via xp looks more fair way to go.
  • In general make economics actually something like War Thunder, probably with vehicle repair costs. Farming different resources and crafting must go too as it forces one to either use biased market or play gamemodes people rather wouldn’t.
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