You favourite type of weapon

I dunno how to make a poll so you just post your fav weaponry here and explanation “why it is so”, if you feel like.

Not just one weapon but the whole category, mind you.

I’ll start: after using so many categories, I’ll side with autocannons. Weapons of all trades.

  1. Good for precise hits and tap sniping.
  2. Good for close quarters.
  3. Require some skill because not hitscan.
  4. Require less skill because “spray and pray” playstyle fits them, too.
  5. Decent durability (half of them).
  6. Versatility: they rip in PvP and they good for PvE.
  7. Their appearance and effects are realistic enough.

Can’t think of more pros so I’ll end with cons: no heating or slowing down the enemy; some of them have terrible precision and turning speed; most of them are heavy.

Share your favourite toys!


The helios was my favorite weapon before, I saw the advantages of it, the continuous high precision and high damage shooting with amazing fire effects, it was so fast to directly destroy the vehicle made me a fan of it, at that time I was playing on a Chinese server, even though it has some disadvantages high precision but can not immediately or accurately hit the weapon or explosive in a critical position, but I still like to quote its description: but does all this really matter? You can directly destroy your opponent with your teammates in cover, so you don’t need to think about whether you can shoot down your opponent’s weapons or not


There’s no such thing as a category of weapons I prefer, but since I started playing I mostly mained 4 guns: LBs back when harpy came out, Whirls when those came out, Snowfalls, and Kaiju.

I like big damage on tanky guns I guess?


Rapid-fire MGs:
+Hitscan. It’s not just “easier” it allows to perform things other weapons can’t. They don’t miss if you don’t. (engaging highly maneuverable targets and focus fire on their weapons, also quickly react or ambushes on yaoguai drones, etc.)
+High Damage. Although devs nerfed them so that now Sinus has more DPS with is absurd since it also has more range and accuracy. Only thing on piercer’s side is durability which is still makes them better choice imo(unless you are some hover guy)
+3 energy drain.
+Versatility. Good for any combat situation except long range so avoid being target for snipers, use terrain or wait for enemy to get distracted to get close.
= Durability. Piercers are tougher than sinus and sledgehammer, but still rather fragile so you have to build well, and be extra careful on the field.
“-” Cannot engage beyond mid distance.

They are meant to be this “middle ground weapon”(outperforming accurate MGs in close combat and slightly loose to shotguns, it was so some time ago though, now they even outperform shotguns in DPS and Sinus has even higher DPS which is crappy balancing on dev’s part) Anyways, with right build and tactic it allows you to fight and win against anything. Main two roles are: support and ambush. Can switch them during the battle according to situation.

Wouldn’t agree. I like fighting things like that. Just need to find a way to get close without taking too much damage and then their ballistic and slow turn speed makes sure they can’t do much. Most times even whirl’s and tempest’s durability is not enough to make up for ballistics and slow turn rate. Sometimes I just rush autocannons campers head on openly, just swinging from side to side, so they can’t hit my weapons and only occasionally hit hull while my MGs make quick work of their weapons.


Yeah, there’s a movement part named omni. It makes up for slow turn speed.

And even without it I rip and tear on my only PvP vehicle, in case I ever need fuel. Sledgehammer cloakers, cannons, even occasional dronemums and, yeah, RFMGs. Having 1000 durability combined, two Whirls never let me down (aside from the matches when I was stupid or my “team” was quickly destroyed).


Might as well mention them hoevers.
Omni fix that slow turn rate, but partially. Still takes a second or two before you can start firing on someone ambushing from behind. Just the time it takes to destroy 2-3 AC-50s or Joules. And doesn’t fix ballistics so, it’s partial.
“For each his own” as people use to say.


With that being the key part, everything can be destroyed by every other thing :man_shrugging:

I mean, it takes one lucky (and far) hit from Whirlwind to plink off one Fidget with their 160 fused HP. One. Hit. We have to compare weapons fighting each other, not one destroying completely clueless another.

Since you “disagreed” it’s not “our own” anymore. Now it comes into numbers. Two Whirls with perk active deal more or equal damage on sphere than 1 Imp and 2 Fidgets (I used Shivers on both). And I’m being generous here, since I’m comparing my PS vehicle to a higher PS RSMG.

You are missing the point entirely. You said autocannons are

I just stated that they are rather vulnerable due to turn rate and ballistic. They just can’t react quickly and fight maneuverable targets leaving them rather vulnerable. Not just Piercers. How fast can you react to Yaoguai? Cause if you killed them 1 second later it’s ~100-200 accurate damage to your weapons, which likely be damaged from other engagements. You are likely winning some duels vs dumb shotguns guys rushing head on, but not so much against someone who will exploit that weakness.

That doesn’t matter if you don’t hit. Cannon guys are best example. If they miss they literally deal 0 damage until they reload and fire again. 4 x piercers with fused seal deals 1000 damage in 4 seconds, and none of it goes to waste due to ballistics. They pay with rather low hp for that so it all comes down to builds and tactics and maybe even skills. Keeping eye on battlefield and minimap is something very hard to combine with anything, especially long range sniping, you can brag of course that you are managing, but most guys just fail at that. Some don’t even get to fire a single shot on my craft before they can’t. And it’s not just piercers or shotguns, tempura, lances, they all get them. Never seen a good always in motion sniper… some hovers try, but looks more like random experiment rather than meta. Camping is very vulnerable thing in xo. Unless it is cannons… but they get plenty of time to move and keep aware while reloading.

ahem… back to the question…

I like mini-guns for all the reasons @46245631 UltraLocust likes high speed machine guns. Verbatim - pretty much.

I’d add that they’re great for de-cloaking folks. In maps where it’s easy to be flanked by some high speed cloaked player, I’ll spray to the left & right of my team to light 'em up. Works brilliantly.

I just managed a full set of piercers… haven’t really played them, yet. It’ll be interesting to see how they compare to equalizers & arbiters.


Machine guns since day 1.

Pros: You can fight anything.

Im lazy today. But yea, MGs at any PS can compete with anything. It all comes down to aim imo. And these thumbs were forged in Mount Olympus :joy:


I am going to say 2 types, since only one of them does very good in battle

Crossbows. They aren’t super great, but I love them, have loved them a long time. Spikes were great, until they were ruined. Toadfishes were cool, until they also were ruined. I have had some fun with even Phenix and Varuns were ok when they first came out, until they too were ruined. I like how old school and mechanical they are, even if I don’t like their current battle performance. I like the idea, but not the implementions of it. I really wish that one of these days they can return to some of their former high impulse glory, they are really different from the guns you usually are used to seeing, being an antique weapon that works.

Also rockets, they come in all kinds of shape and size and effectiveness, from wasp/cricket to homing to nest to heather to waltz, shooting rockets is just plain fun in any shape or form they come in, and from time to time very effetive


My favourite type of weapon is whatever I’m currently playing, and that’s usually whatever new thing I recently grinded out.

But I will say that machine guns and miniguns are what I feel most comfortable playing. If I feel lazy or just want to blow off steam, that’s what I always return to.
Whirls and tempests are basically machine guns, and they feel comfortable too.

But comfortable can be boring, so I continue my ongoing quest to figure out how to use every single weapon in the game.


I love using the rig, itself. I think it’s because my aiming won’t seem to ever improve but, for the most part, I get some serious enjoyment out of the melee category. Not really borers or buzzsaws or chainsaws, I mean the passive stuff. The more spikes, the better! Impact damage, that’s what I’m all about.


Astraeus is my fav weapon. If my aim is true I will carry games against enemy 4 man squads. I’ve fought a couple Astraeus players and you just can’t tell where you are getting shot from half the time because the vfx is subtle enough. I wish this was the case for almost every weapon.


No, they aren’t. They aren’t hitscan but in melee you can’t avoid a good shot. And their liability can be compensated — I pointed out, how. If you’re using Chameleon to make MG work, well, so can I.

You don’t know how Yao-guai works.

I can say the same thing. “You are likely winning some duels by ambushing unsuspected scope-deep Whirlwinds from cloaking since they only sniped the far targets and never thought about cloaked enemies, but not so much against someone who makes sure no stealthed enemy comes close” :man_shrugging:

Same applies to RSMG.

Anyway, it’s your personal mileage. Topic was about favourite toys. Let’s keep it that way.

Huge spread but if you try them with 2 Shivers and Huginn it’s virtually non-stop lead storm. Not so good DPS though.

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We already had a poll a few weeks ago on this same subject


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Quasars (and pulsars), because they’re satisfying to land long-range shots, but also durable enough to fight at closer range.

Cyclones with Torero cab, because it’s fun to spray at any range.


It was on favorite weapon. This is on favorite weapon type. ?

For me, Autocannons will always be my first love.

Most do decent damage and many do zomg great explosive damage. (some dont though).
Each Autocannon feels like a different autocannon, with the different ratios of bullet damage and explosive damage and firing rates.

I also like the models on them, most are fairly easy to armor.