You know... I'm considering it


I like mine.

Considering it? what buying?

Do it.

I’m just waiting a bit to get a couple of millers and a couple of reapers at the same time, as well a couple of cabins and legs.
all at the same times

No, selling. I bought the one I have for 660 right before the event started.

You know, I have theory… it goes like this:

  1. Devs nerf item.
  2. All the whales sell item and smaller players pick them up.
  3. Wait awhile.
  4. Use nerfed item in a high-level crafting recipe.
  5. Smaller players sell it to the whales for higher value than they bought it for.
  6. The smaller players now have a little more money.

I try to give the devs the benefit of the doubt here, I think they’re not as bad as everyone says.

ppl just constantly bitch in every game on every update cuz omg nerf nerf nerf, omg my build is now gonna suck omg game is trash now omg nerf the game :joy: :joy: thats why i make fun nd have fun in the game when many cry over new updates


Im with wrights on this one. There havent been many nerfs or changes that were all that bad. People are gonna cry b.c thats just what the majority of gamers do apparently. And ofc no one likes when their specific toy gets nerfed. But for the most part, the game chugs along and there’s plenty of fun to be had after a balance patch.

That being said, ive not played crossout in over a month. Ive settled into an unplanned hiatus while i enjoy some other games. Ill get back in it when the itch comes back. Probably the new energy changes will jumpstart that, but maybe sooner. I never know, but this is the first XO break ive taken that wasnt salt based.

No. Buy the $10 battlepass and craft a second and third Stillwind for cheap. Then hold them for a month and the price will go through the roof.

Stillwind is artificially restricted and is a permanent crafting component of the Odin. Once every few months they will have a Stillwind mini pass and once every few months they will have a Thor mini pass. These two items will make you rich.

You’re welcome.

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It’s just a theory, a game theory… :slight_smile: ( just kidding, a reference to a youtube channel)

Man, just have some fun, it’s not just about selling and buying.

From a small player to another small player.

Unless you have more than two Millers, don’t sell it, you might miss it later.
Build something on the side and that will be your stash, when you feel like it or need or want, then sell it.
Yeah, you bought those for 600 coins now they worth about the double… then what.

I once went Bankrupt because of a photon cabin gone wrong, i fell in the rabbit hole at expense of BF, Augers, Whirls, when the coins ended that i never got to enjoy, since then i made other BFs, re bought the whirls, That was about a year ago.
I will never sell anything in my inventory again that i don’t have in quantity.
I still have my fused Stillwind, 13 k or 7 k it’ way to high i will not buy them instead i will try to make whatever concoction to make it work when i and if i’m in the mood.

Just sell what’s dispensable inn your inventory.

My cent.

Sell now, buy it back later for cheaper or use something else. Take the money and run!

I know the reference.

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