You'll be 90 lighters short. Here's why. (SCAM?)

Yesterday, I noticed I won’t be left with 250 lighters after crafting 2 Nothungs. I’ll only have 160. Which means the total maximum amount obtainable with the basic BP will be 1460. Months ago, I calculated this number as 1550 lighters, and kept saying in the chat that it’s 1550. To help others plan ahead. Now I felt stupid. Did I miscalculate something so simple, and thus cause some players to come short, and not get an upgraded legendary item or other?

2023.05.18 001
This screenshot was taken on 2 February, the day the season was launched. The final day was 8 June.
2023.05.18 001
This screenshot was taken 8 minutes before the reset on 19 April. The final day was still 8 June. After the reset, the timer would’ve changed to 49 days, 23 hours.
2023.05.18 002
This screenshot was taken some hours after the update on 20 April. Now, the final day was 7 June.

Today, I dug in my screenshot archive, and it turned out that the last day of BP challenges was, in fact, going to be 8 June, which is a Thursday… until 20 April. On the 19th, there were 50 days + some hours remaining. But on the 20th, after the Spring Mayhem update, there were only 48 days + some hours remaining. Which means that that update reduced the remaining Battle Pass duration by 1 day, a Thursday. With that Thursday, one could’ve crafted 2 Nothungs and still have 250 lighters left for an epic item, with an extra 500 BP XP. But on 20 April, that changed to 2 Nothungs and 160 lighters left. So you won’t be getting that epic item, or whatever you were hoping to spend 90 lighters on.

Now, why did that happen? I see two possibilities:

  1. Gaijin did a mickey and found a way to take away some of the weekly season challenges, but in a stealthy manner, so as not to cause the same uproar as when we learned the last 30 days wouldn’t have weekly challenges. Thus ‘encouraging’ some players to buy some extra levels.
  2. The new season is scheduled to start on 8 June, which resulted in the shortening of the duration of the current season. The last news post about the upcoming season is planned for next week. Which makes 8 June a plausible date for its launch.

But even if we get the next season on 8 June, it’s wrong to launch it at the expense of the current one. It’d be like what they did with Operation Ashen Ring, in October 2021. The event was ended 3 days, 18 hours early, without prior notice. I was busy converting and uploading videos to my YT channel about Crossout, so I delayed completing the event challenges. I didn’t get the event rewards because I counted on them to behave like adults and keep a deadline. When you fail to meet a deadline at work, there are consequences. But not for them. This is how they treat the players.

You may remember the scandal with the missing chalenges for the Radiance event. At the same time, we learned they were planning to remove weekly challenges from the last month of the Polar Lights season. On 23 March, in the Dronapocalypse news post, it was annouced there would be weekly challenges until the very end. Perhaps the decision to take away the last day, and thus the last batch of weekly challenges, was made around or after that date. Not a biggie, right? Just one day. Worth 90 lighters. Those 6 levels will only cost you EUR 12. :upside_down_face: Which is still cheaper than having to buy the 8 missing Radiance levels for EUR 16. :joy:

Should Gaijin give us back the missing day? If you were expecting for the event to last until 8 June, does this constitute a breach of contract, i.e., a scam?

Which crosscrown pack will you be buying in order to make up for the missing 90 lighters?

  • I didn’t buy or get gifted a Battle Pass.
  • None. But I’ll miss out on some of the items I intended to craft with lighters.
  • None. But I didn’t need those 90 lighters anyway, so it’s not a problem.
  • 330 crosscrowns.
  • 700 crosscrowns.
  • 1500 crosscrowns.
  • None. I already had enough crosscrowns to buy the missing BP levels.
  • I bought the Elite BP, but this is disrespectful of Gaijin, especially toward Elite Players!
  • I bought the Elite BP, so I won’t notice if 90 lighters go missing.
  • I bought the Elite BP, then some extra levels, and maybe I’ll buy some more.
  • I bought the Elite BP, and some extra levels, and maybe I’ll buy more, but I feel cheated! Illegal! Scam!

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Sort of it does. It was expected, though. I didn’t plan to grind lighters till the dawn of time so I don’t care much.

But it’s good to know they continue their scam.

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I get your point and if you can get your day back then more power to you, but I just want this event to end.

I wish they would have shaved off a month instead of a day.

This thing is Waaaaaaay to long.

I was prepared for it, ever since day 1 of doing the maths I knew that you can’t get all the items, or enough lighters for a set of 3 legendaries, but luckily all I needed out of this pass were the cabins, 4 gungnirs and 4 tracks.

Honestly anyone expecting any kind of fair anything from this game needs a reality check, you shoudl alwasy chck the fine print and calculate if you can get what is promised, because this game will take a whizz in your face at every given opportunity and rob you blind if you ever stop paying attention


It was enough for Nothungs. I only need to live until the next Thursday and I’m set for the third.

That was way too much slaving in front of my computer for my Gaijin overlords. I’m not getting the third Nothung, and in exchange they can suck on their thumbs if they expect more than the occasional 10€ for a big battlepass. Screw this scummy game, the less I play it the better I am at guitar :joy:

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I wouldn’t call it “slaving” anymore. More like, you’re taking their precious space on their scarce servers, which requires them to keep those servers and spend money.

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Technically none of it, even radiance was a scam. TOS says they can add, change or remove anything at any time and makes no warranty on the product direct nor implied. (implied is the key wording) We all accepted this in order to log in.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel like a scam or is shady etc.

None. I will have enough to get a full set of Nothung’s. And a Barrier. And still have a points I won’t use. I fully feel like I got my 10 dollars worth.

I think it is the right length for a FULL BP. After playing a new account for awhile, I had forgotten how a newb struggles to get a good build together, the longer BP allows them opportunity to work on things like “score 750 with autocannons 5x”… when they have to actually obtain/make autocannons before they can even do it.

The shorter ones, are a bit too short and are strictly pay to win or pay for variety whichever you prefer. (I don’t have a problem with this but some do).

What if the shorter ones were extended to 45 days and the longer shortened to 75 days?


What are you guys talking about? We can totally earn enough lighters from bonus levels to get a legendary. Im lvl 92 and i missed like a month worth of dailies. I still have enough weeklies and special challenges to net me a legendary while never doing a single daily again. You need lvl 118 and youve got another legendary.

If youre only level 80 now then sure you wont get that third nothung. But thats your fault. Thats not devs being greedy. You just didnt play very much. So you dont get as much.

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I try to remember this, buts it’s hard.

I started XO when I had looots of time. I capped everything and grinded the shit out of the rep in the first two weeks. Lets just say I very quickly got stuck past engi 30 with a handful of rares at best :joy:

First epic was that shiny new Harpy which looked so good.

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I’m not sure exactly what happened, but if you count how many fused legendary items you got and compare it to the previous season you won’t have so many worries

I bought the elite battle pass. Out of lighters, I got 3 fused Sleipnir tracks and currently have 605 lighters. I plan to get a second fused Nothung next week. Not sure what I will do with the extra 180 lighters. I would really like one of those perfectly fused Barrier 9s.

You will not be disappointed with the Barrier.

Most people don’t realize how important that 1 extra ammo really is and reload time is way more important the the other fusions.

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i am going to get one of these just because it has this upgrade.

I agree that is a great fuse, but before I had that one extra ammo I would always run out before a match is over. It’s funny how on most items in game that ammo is a waisted fuse, but on this thing I really like it.

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That’s why I don’t play this shit anymore, I’m not going to play the game and thereby support thieves.

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Guys please stay appropriate, thank you

Also about this topic, I understood topic creator was expecting the BP ending on 8th June, but the news update indicate 7th June.

I hope it helps


Thank you. My mistake then. I missed that part, and was only relying on the season day counter. So the counter was wrong, and deducting 1 day on 20 April was only a correction. Which means that the maximum amount of lighters with a basic BP has been 1460 from the start. Sorry for the confusion.