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Here’s your daily dose of “Thanks, I hate it.”

This is not a Steppenwolf part

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What’s wrong with it?

It’s a Scavengers part. It’s apparently not filed under the right faction. It’s sloppy work.

There are probably other examples as well. I bet I can find one to add…brb.

I think what makes it so much worse is that the bumper is from the Steppenwolf faction (I think), but these are not.

I actually couldn’t find another or comparable example of this kind of object misplacement. I thought there were others, but I guess not.

Which makes it all the worse, it’s the only one!

Although they did need a way to pad the Scavenger premium tiers.

But apparently the “Phantom” parts weren’t enough

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I don’t get your complain. Plain OCD?

Please elaborate.

Don’t really care but I still want more fenders and quarter panels.