Your opinion: draco UP or not? An example

Build with two dracos and spark. I decloak right in front of a vehicule with two reapers, close to each other, no shield, no Nova wall etc. I spend the whole draco duration (no rad) plus spark on the reapers. Bottom line: not even sure the reapers started sparking. Me on the other end lost one draco and the spark.

It might be the reapers were on onamori but I mean, this is the only ideal situation for draco (vs reapers who have no overheating, range, ability to turn) and result is very less than impressive.

Too low DPS or maybe overheating too quickly?

What do you think?

By itself, Draco is pretty weak. When paired with the Blight Cabin, it becomes terrifying. That perk allows flamethrowers to melt through anything.

Yes, but then is it normal that the weapon only works and is efficient with only one cabin? Reapers for instance work with all kind of cabins. I do not like blight because too light, therefore 1) not enough armor and 2) cannot push enemies/is pushed by them. The cabin in the build mentioned above is Ermak.

Let’s say “it’s normal for flame throwers” - since they made that cabin the weapons have been balanced based around the perk of that cabin.

Now, I wish they wouldn’t have done that, but this is the reality we live in.


Your comment is spot on. Now the weapon is “bound” to the cabin in a way that I cannot see for any other weapons.

To allow more diversity in flamethrowers builds, I would welcome if they would rework/remove blight’s perks and focus on the intrinsic data of Draco itself.


Yea …. It’s sad…. Kinda regret buying the pestilence flame thrower car pack

The default firing range need to be buffed at least 50% to be effective

Reapers are an excellent firedog counter. When firedogs were the meta my wheeled reaper build absolutely smashed them to bits constantly and in clanwars. Bigram reapers on the other hand dontfare so well against firedogs simply because of the leg hight and how the fire just melts the player from below. I cant speak for legs getting pwned by dogs now in xout 2.0. I havent used a legged reapers or a firedog since legs got the buff where u cant push them around. So maybe legs beat up firedogs now too. Idk.

I wonder if your build might work better with three flamethrowers, and ditch the spark?

I do think that they should nerf the blight perk a bit, and also buff all flame weapons a bit.
Blight should still give you a significant boost, but the gap between it and the baseline should be smaller.

Fisrt, as for the range I think it is ok, this is part of the expected weakness. The problem for me is the output.
Second, as for swapping the spark for a 3rd draco, I thought about it but decided againt because without spark, you’re constantly chasing people and being out of range, and against hovers you can just forget it. Besides you have side bonus like anti-kapkan, drones etc.

Do you use them as a ram (with either Averter or Omanori)? They used to do pretty good damage. Same stuff you use now, just mounted in the frame (make frame in U and mount in that melee sticking out).

I thought they were UP when I played with them a couple years ago. UP enough that I decided to do the banner with mandrake. (but then they nerfed angled mandrake as I got one made)

I think Draco was already shit before the 10% damage nerf, back when CW was 11 Dracos and a Flash, 80% of the rounds lmao. Easiest CW we ever played with friends, we didn’t make ura since that nerf, and none of us was playing Draco U_U

You’d legit be as efficient close range with three Whirls, with a good choice of cabs available, and somewhat effective range up to 150 meters (^%

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yes that’s my whole point, but I do like the weapon style.

As for the ram aspects, the description does not mention any contact damage, only resistance to such. So not sure it deals ram damage.

Another point: it occured to me that the real range seems shorter than the flame effect. Do you agree? Then that would be a problem, the range should at least extend to where the flames go (not far already).

I’m pretty sure it does damage like Gobs and Gremlins… But you don’t want to ram it on a melee blade for 200 damage before you even started firing. In fact I’(m pretty sure you slow down before making contact like harvs and such already. So I’m not sure that’s very helpful.

I’m going to say something that will get me flak: I think we should have real flamethrowers and throw the crappy Musk bbq lighters we have right now. Instead of spitting a stream of short-ranged flames, I’d want to pump burning fuel across the battlefield, showering opponents above hills and building flamewalls to deny certain zones.
That’d leave the Draco in an awkward position tho since it has no rotation/elevation. Would probably need to be reworkked into something else.

gotcha. thanks for clarifying. been a long time since i played them. (or melee in general)