YOUR selected XO visual choices

I run minimal on most settings like no shadow stuff but recently i got a slightly better card and im still running minimal mostly… although i went from FXAA to SMAA and 4 anisotropic to16 which is nice on the detail.

Wondering if i should go from medium texture to high and if its worth it. It already looks nice.

Do you push the graphical settings of your machine till it is just under hurting performance or are you more of a person who runs minimal settings to push frames even though your card is more than enough not to have to?

I have a 5 years old laptop, and even back then it was not the most high end laptop around. A fair laptop, not the cheapest thing, but still not a full on gaming laptop of any kind. So basically I run them very low just to be able to play this game. Not full on worst but I’ve turned off anything extra and run them on very low in general

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Yeah i feel ya. i know all about running games mostly on low settings so I was kinda amazed when i upgraded my monitor from a 13 incher to a big ol flat thing. Was a lil easier to spot and kill things.

Besides the new monitor i only upgrade by inheritance. Thats the thing where my kids get new parts for their machines and i then inherit the parts that they are not using anymore. Lol.
My only gaming requirements are XO and im slowly creeping up to better visuals and performance.

I just switched to high textures and havnt seen any slow down yet. About to get a much better motherboard real soon. Probably will get back in to recording gameplay again as i hate the drag it gives the game on low end gear.

I turn everything but sensitivity down. All the way. 170Hz 1440p on a 5900x/3080 10GB. Every game that has player vs player.