Your theory on the new pack

What’s your theory on why they did not roll out the new pack right away with the update?

For me I am thinking they are not planning to do a lite version, only normal and deluxe, and by having the parts there but not purchasable yet lets people pump up the price demand fort he new parts, so that more people feel like buying the pack once it comes out because the parts are going for omg so much coin


They’re waiting for the best moment to roll it out so we can get the best Crossout experience and enjoy quality gameplay.


Staggering content overt a longer period to mask the fact they’ve barely released any content this year


There is internal debate on how strong to make the ball wheel, and the developers didn’t reach an agreement at launch time. They can adjust the weapon easily by buffing or nerfing the perk shield or by buffing or nerfing the way the ball moves and accelerates.

They wanted another week of testing.

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They’re still busy ninja nerfing stuff in the background in preparation (traction and durability), so as to create a climate of need, desire,or a safe-space for yet another game changing omnidirectional movement part.


That had my laughing.

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I swear they ninja-nerfed my Cohort 10 wheelers a couple years ago, poor relic hovers couldn’t handle heavy cabs plowing through kap fields :pensive:

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Whatever the reason, I’m glad they’re waiting. The teaser for those wheels has been floating around for at least a couple of years, so I’ve been looking forward to them.

BUT, if the new weekly challenges require clans/bands, I won’t buy sh!t. I can’t schedule my life around a game, and if they only want players who can and will do that, I’m not going to be part of the party.

they’ve barely released any content over the past few years, ever since the adventure mode came out. i want new content, new raids, new modes in the game. yet all they seemed to be working on is new parts, a few factions and pvp maps with more battle passes.
this isnt content! put out something people will enjoy. put out some more pve options, put out more modes AND NO NOT TEMPORARY MODES, PERMANENT MODES!
im tired of these stupid event modes that only last a short time then are gone. we need CONTENT in the game. yes new parts and stuff are nice but we need modes and whatnot to keep the game going. they abandoned adventure mode and left it to die which is very sad. i wish theyd give us more modes in the game instead of packs, battle passes and more stuff that requires barfing out cash.

answers simple. make them like hovers and watch the kiddies cry they are broken :crazy_face: :rofl:

this is what im worried about to. hopefully therell be some free stuff for us but if not welllllll…

They probably are waiting till midway through the mini-bp so people can justify a secondary expense. Think about how people get most often get paid: daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly. I doubt it has much to do with enjoying quality of gameplay but when they can expect most people will have money to buy it. They more then likely have done their market studies on their player base and know when to release it.

This is also very possible.

This is what new content looks like in a PvP focused game and they have done a great job this year.

CWs needed an update for a long time and this is a massive over haul.

If your looking for non-PvP content I would suggest a game like Destiny.


You might want to slow down and look at the new features.

Everyone can use this new system for a little scrap.

Even solo players.

Everyone is always all “gloom and doom” before they even know how the system works. This new feature adds content for everyone, solo and groups.

Some content might not be doable without more then one player, like Clan Wars, but you were not doing that anyways, so no lose.

People are always scared of change or things they don’t fully understand. In a few weeks/months from now and you will not be able to imagine the game any other way.

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I remember before the Pegasus engine came out there was a massive fear both here and on Reddit that it was going to be a super Colossus that was going to buff hovers into an untouchable monster state. As it turned out, Pegasus massively buffed fire dogs by giving them 1500 kg of extra bulk and +3kg of extra speed over Colossus and massively buffed big spiders by giving them +unlimited power to run as many tank tracks and Meat Grinders as they want, and also giving +1500 kg of weight over Colossus. The Pegasus did nothing for hovers and the optimal hover engine is still +power Colossus or +Power Oppressor.

Pegasus has done a lot to shift the meta away from hovers on both the dog and the spider end and is next to the Flash as the second most anti-hover part in the history of the game.

I’m not sure that people’s fear of the new clan based challenge system is unwarranted, but I am sure that we don’t understand the system well enough to know whether it is going to hurt the solo players.

It will be interesting to revisit this topic in about two or three weeks when we have a better handle on how it works.


I did include the “if…”

I’m waiting, but it doesn’t look promising.

LOL you did NOT suggest that garbage game to me.
i have been a destiny player since day 1 of the first game. the devs did a horrible job with the game and kept leeching money out of players. i will not dump hundreds of dollars in dlc into destiny anymore. i paid about 200 for the destiny 1 dlcs and i seen exactly what they were doing. recycled bosses, recycled enemies, etc. idc how many times people say that “destiny has changed” i refuse to put anymore money into the hands of those garbage developers. so no ill never touch that game again. the game sucks. while i like the gun play the game is just garbage.

well maybe they need to balance the game out more. not everyone likes pvp and there needs to be more pve elements to the game to. i like pve far more then pvp, if anything i never do pvp. only time i do it is in events like the dronepocalypse. im not saying remove pvp from the game completely, its just id like more pve options in the game.

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I joined back in a beta or something like that. I could never get in to the game, and never spent a penny. It looked promising, though.

Agreed. I just don’t have enough free time or energy to get involved into PVP.
Going PVP eliminates me.

When do we get the new pack

Probably after the get rid of the football pack they just put up.

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Yeah, that was kind of weird since they announced the other one :slight_smile:

It will give me time to save coins to buy the wheels from the market.

I have a feeling it was probably an oopsie, as the football pack should have been out at the start of the SC event. Running them at the same time might mean splitting up some of the potential buyers. lol greedy little buggers they are.

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